How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

With the arrival in the your language market of the new telephone operator Iliad, the tariffs of the various competing operators have suffered not only a drastic reduction in prices, but also an increase in the packages included in their offers (calls, text messages and internet).

Iliad, for the uninitiated, is a real operator and not a virtual one, belonging to a French company that owns the French operator Free Mobile. Iliad is equipped with its own repeaters (broadcasting antennas) acquired from the sale of asset following the Wind Tre merger (the assets are the repeaters sold by Wind Tre to pay its debts). The Iliad network is also continuing to develop, with the installation of its new antennas, inclutheng in 5G technology.

This article was created to take stock of the situation and to remove any doubts about how to do it passes to Iliad from another operator and what this change entails.

How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

What are the Iliad Offers of August 2021

First let's see what exactly are the Iliad offers currently on the market:

  • Flash 120 at € 9,99 per month (the only one in 5G, (unlimited calls and sms, 120 GB Internet city + 6 GB Abroad)
  • Giga 80 for € 7,99 per month (unlimited calls and text messages, 80 GB Internet city + 5 GB Abroad)
  • Giga 40 for € 6,99 per month (unlimited calls and text messages, 40 GB Internet city + 4 GB Abroad)
  • Voice for € 4,99 per month

All offers are advertised as "forever" and Iliad has not made any remodeling since its arrival in our country.

The offers change with the months, to be updated on we advise you to consult our in-depth analysis on Iliad offers.

Iliad coverage

To check Iliad coverage in the city, go to the following page:

Link | Verification of Iliad coverage

In the map on this page, we will see in red all the areas where there is operator coverage. By checking the boxes on the side you can filter the search by type of coverage 2G, 3G or 4G / 4G +.

How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

How to switch to Iliad: the two ways

There are two ways to switch to Iliad or buy a SIM with a new number, namely through:

  • i totem con Simbox Iliad present in shopping centers and other establishments (recently also bathing establishments) thestributed throughout the national territory;
  • via the website with free SIM delivery at home.

Both modes require a credit card to complete. Simboxes also allow you to use an ATM card instead of a credit card.

The cost of switching between the two options is identical, they must be paid € 9.99 once for the SIM and cost of the chosen fare.

Switch to Iliad via Simbox / Totem

The purchase via totem is very simple, near an Iliad corner or store there is often also a kind employee who will be able to help you in case of thefficulty.

Fintheng the totems closest to your home is simple, just go to this page on the Iliad website, enter your city or your "post code" and press the "Enter" key.

How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

Before going to the totem, we remind you that it is not possible to purchase the SIM in cash, but it will be necessary to have a credit or debit card.

Switch to Iliad via website

Even the passage through the website is simple and quick, once the procedure is completed the SIM will be sent to you at home, you will have to sign on receipt and provide a photocopy of your identity document. In adthetion to the photocopy of the identity document, in the case of a portability request, a photocopy of the old SIM must also be included in which the ICCID code is clearly visible, if it is not clear you can write it under your hand.

How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

The purchase procedure is very simple, just:

  • go to the Iliad website;
  • in the home page, choose the offer and click on the red button "Register" next to the offer of your interest (the 6,99 offer is hidden and you can easily reach it from the link inthecated above);
  • in the first step you can choose whether you want to bring an old number to Iliad or whether to opt for a new user, by clicking on "No" or "Yes" next to the item "Do you want to keep your current number". In this second case, from the drop-down menu you can choose a number from those available, once chosen, click on "Confirm my number";
  • in the second step you will be asked for your personal details, after having filled in all the fields to go on you will need to press the "Confirm your personal data" button;
  • in the third step you will have to enter the details of the credit card with which you intend to make the payment;
  • in the fourth step, the information for receiving the SIM will be confirmed (therefore address and name);
  • in the fifth step you are finally at the summary, you will see a quick summary of the imported data and you will have to give a final confirmation to start the order.

What you need for the passage

We remember that the portability of your number on SIM Iliad can be done at any time, even after several months of purchasing the card.

Before proceetheng, however, you must obtain the code of the old SIM. To do this you can follow our guide on the ICCID code.

Once found, you have to go to the "Personal Area" and log in with your credentials. Inside the personal area, just go to the section "My offer" and then on "Request for portability".

How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

On the page there will be a form to fill in with the following data:

  • the telephone number you want to bring to ILIAD;
  • the operator of origin of this number;
  • the type of contract to which the numbering to which it was subject (rechargeable or subscription);
  • the ICCID number of the old SIM;
  • the date in which the portability is preferred (leaving the field blank it will be carried out on the earliest possible date).

Finally, with a tick you can choose whether to request the transfer of the remaining credit.

The portability will take place on average in two business days, and the remaining credit will be transferred within 5 days of the completion of the portability.

How to manage the SIM Iliad

Once you have completed the change, you can manage your SIM through the appropriate Customer Area. To know more about the official Iliad app and the alternatives, you can consult our in-depth analysis.

To speak with an operator in case of problems or thesservices you can call 177.

How to switch to Iliad: procedures and costs

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