Messenger: the "delete" function finally deletes your message, here's how

You can really delete a message on Messenger now

Previously, "deleting" a message in a Messenger discussion only deleted its local display. Your interlocutors continued to have access to it.

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On the latest version of Messenger currently being rolled out on Android and iOS, you now have the ability to actually delete a message from a chat, both for you and for the person you're talking to. To do this, a new choice appears: “Delete for everyone”.

Be careful, however, there is a small limit: you can only delete a message for a period of 10 minutes after it has been sent. What to avoid certain abuses. In addition, your contacts will still be informed of the deletion of a message: a box indicating this will appear instead of your text.

How to delete a message on Messenger

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To permanently delete a message on Facebook Messenger, all you need to do is:

  • Keep pressing a message during the first 10 minutes of sending
  • Choose the "Delete" function
  • Select "Delete for everyone"

Note that the message will no longer appear on the conversation for your interlocutors, but that a "Deleted Message" will replace it. Also, your initial message remains known to Facebook servers.

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