Oculus Quest 2 review: the stand alone we needed

In a period where the virtual reality begins to interest most, here comes a decidedly tempting viewer: let's talk about Eye Quest 2. It is a device "stand alone”That clears you completely from the wire, but that it does not leave you disconnected. Well yes, because through the cable (or the virtual desktop) the product can be used also in connection with the PC. The turning point comes with Oculus Link which allows, in essence, to transform your Oculus Quest 2 into a real one PC viewer.

Un price not too high (About €349 the 64GB version), a device that can be used alone or on a PC and renewed hardware. All this, and much more, is Eye Quest 2. Will he have been able to satisfy us from every point of view? Let's see it in more detail!

Oculus Quest 2, all-in-one VR headset, 64GB
  • NEXT GENERATION HARDWARE: Enjoy every movement with an ultra-fast processor and our display with the ...
  • ALL-IN-ONE GAMING: Shoot, whip, and hit the beat thanks to titles from the huge library of games and experiences ...
  • IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy a front row seat for live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and ...
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Oculus Quest 2: a more spartan design

Let's start with the analysis right away aesthetics of the new Eye Quest 2. The viewer comes with a coloring Bianca, very minimal, entirely made of plastic. The only exception is the head support, which is made of elastic fabric. This is anchored to the product by means of two rigid plastic bands. The support is not uncomfortable, although it occasionally tightens the visor to the face, causing a slight headache. To avoid this, you can take advantage of the Quest Elite, or other third party media. The weight it's not exactly the lightest, let's talk about 503 g. This means that the game sessions could be quite contained.

La frontal (the one we place on the face), is covered with one quite thick and comfortable padding. For those who wear glassesin addition, there is a extra support which must be inserted between the viewer and the support mask. Using the device with glasses, I have not encountered any problems. The only note is that while the overall isolation is good, it remains one chink in the nose area. Most likely, the use of this extra support emphasizes the slot even more.

On a the capital market sector, equity side and debt side, in all the preparatory and executive phases for the issue and placement of financial instruments; of the viewer we find the entrance USB Type-C which is used for charging and connecting to the PC. On the other, however, there is the power buttonand and shutdown. On the top we find nothing, while on that lower we have the bar dedicated to the increase and decrease of volume. It is not possible to adjust the focus of the viewer, but it is possible move the lenses closer or further apart to better align them to our eyes.

    Slightly expensive accessories

    improve the Oculus Quest 2 experience, there are a number of accessories officers. The first of all is the fiber optic cable which allows us the connection al computer. This allows us to take full advantage of the computer hardware, to be able to play the games installed on it. Another useful accessory is the Elite strap. This gives greater comfort to the viewer, redistributing the weight of the same. The same support can also be purchased bundled with the additional battery, for a price of around € 140.

    Slightly revised controllers

    Together with the viewer Oculus Quest 2, the new Oculus Touch controllers. Compared to the previous ones, these undergo a slight revision: first of all they are bigger and better shaped. The handle results slightly thicker, to promote greater grip and better control. The triggers then seem to fit perfectly on our fingers. It also improves the position and design of the battery door: it will now be very complicated to accidentally remove during a gaming session.

    We notice another interesting update in the position of the keys. There spacing among them it is better, but above all the support base is wider. This allows you to have a large surface in which to place the fingers in the stop phases.

    Finally, remember that the viewer can also be used a bare hands. The Oculus Quest 2, in fact, is able to trace hands. Through this function it is possible to leave the sensors and simulate the pressure of the keys through some gestures. There function, However, it is not compatible with most applications, which require the use of controllers.

    How powerful is the Oculus Quest 2?

    After seeing how it looks in the aesthetics, it's time to delve a little bit inside the viewer. L'Oculus Quest 2 is renewed not only in appearance, but also in constitution. Inside we find one Snapdragon XR2, a SoC that was born in support of virtual reality. In addition to this we find 6 GB of RAM and a memory of 64 GB (in the basic version). The device, however, it is also renewed in the screen which now supports up to 90 Hz. We then have a sharper vision and more detailed images.

    The screen is a LCD fast switch, with resolution 1832 x 1920. This breakthrough in resolution and image quality certainly helped combat that annoying grid effect a bit. Plus, switching to a screen with faster response times, also allowed to greatly decrease motion sickness (even if it hasn't completely deleted it yet). Although it is not an OLED screen, the colors are very vivid and bright. They are also faithful to reality, which can be seen, in particular, in the reproduction of video-documentaries.

    The only real one flaw on a technical level? There battery. While it is not customary to spend too many hours inside the Oculus Quest 2, just two hours of autonomy are not very many. Of course, probably the limit also lies in the weight of the device: a more powerful battery also meant a heavier battery. However, its duration can be doubled with the Quest Elite strap.

      Let's get to the point: how does the Oculus Quest 2 behave in battle?

      We tested theOculus Quest 2 mainly with the applications present in its store. We dove into a boxing ring with Creed: Rise to Glory, sliced ​​cubes with Beat Saber, and toured the world with Google Earth. We also shot some and tried roller coasters, after proving to be the best at table tennis.

      At the level of the game, the most interesting thing is certainly his possibility of stand alone game. The Oculus Quest 2 is one portable console from every point of view. It does not have to be connected to the PC and is not limited by cables. It is perfect to be used anywhere and this is certainly its greatest value. Playing titles FPS, we feel we have definitely control, sure, this technology can still improve a lot, yet, already now the feeling is very pleasant. We like how weapons are mastered and especially how involved you are.

      We're not just talking about shooters, but much quieter games as well. An example is RealVr Fishing, a title in which we will have to fish. The game is very relaxing, but above all it is beautiful to see. The graphics are super satisfying and the locations are wonderful. There are also many environments and fish of different sizes. The gameplay is nice, but the graphics are what impressed us the most.

      Another very fun game is Beat Saber, the "Fruit Ninja with Lightsabers". Basically, to the sound of music, you will have to slice the cubes that will come to you. Not only fun, but also one that will cause you to minus the feeling of motion sickness.
      Always a bit on the “music & play” style, there is also Pistol Whip. This time it is a shooter, where we will have to hit enemies and dodge shots to the sound of techno music.

      Oculus Quest 2, all-in-one VR headset, 64GB
      • NEXT GENERATION HARDWARE: Enjoy every movement with an ultra-fast processor and our display with the ...
      • ALL-IN-ONE GAMING: Shoot, whip, and hit the beat thanks to titles from the huge library of games and experiences ...
      • IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy a front row seat for live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and ...
      450,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

      How do Oculus Link and Oculus Store work?

      Let's start with a simple definition: what is Oculus Link? It is about application that allows us to transform the Oculus Quest 2 into Rift S, that is, it allows us to play all VR titles on our PC. In order to exploit the potential of the software, however, it is necessary to connect a cable to the viewer. The same is present in the official store and comes sold for about 90 €. It is a 5 m long wire, made of optical fiber; the best on the market for transmission technology. However, if you want, you can also take advantage of the same services by purchasing a cable from third parties (for a price of around € 25).

      Why use this service? The reason is very trivial and consists in the possibility of take full advantage of the hardware of your computer. By being supported by the Oculus Link, in fact, we will be able to safely play all the titles on our library that support VR.

      THEOculus Quest 2, however, is a stand alone device. This means you can play with it also without the support of a computer. For this purpose, the official Store comes into action. This, which can be managed from a mobile phone or directly from the viewer, allows us to download the games directly within the product, without using anything else. Great and comfortable, in addition to the fact that it is possible to see (via the mobile application) what the person with the viewer is looking at.

        And for those with motion sickness?

        Surely there will be many of you out there who, like me, suffer from motion sickness. It is a feeling of nausea and lightheadedness which can occur during different situations. In reality we experience it in a journey by ship, by car, on an airplane. In the virtual worldInstead, this sensation can be caused by particular lights, strange movements, etc. Of course this state is amplified in the use of virtual reality, but why does it happen? The motion sickness is caused by a conflict between the senses. Unfortunately, if you suffer from car sickness or if certain games cause you this feeling, surely the VR will amplify it the effects.

        So, in light of this, don't I have to buy the Oculus Quest 2? This is not entirely said. There are some titles, in fact, that don't cause you this feeling. In general, these are those games that do not involve a real simulated movement of the body, but only of the surrounding area. Let's try to explain ourselves better. If you, for example, tried a game that simulates roller coasters, you could most likely feel nauseous. Because? Why the your body is moving in the game, but not in reality. This conflict between the senses can greatly amplify the sensation of motion sickness. But imagine you are playing a title like Fruit Ninja or Beat Saber. In these specific titles, in fact, it is not your body that moves, but objects.

        There are some titles on the Oculus Quest 2 that take advantage of this technique and, probably, they will be the ones that everyone can enjoy. Sure, the experience is limited, but it's already a step forward.

        Oculus Quest 2: do we buy it?

        If you are a VR lover and don't suffer from motion sickness, the answer is absolutely yes. The Oculus Quest 2 is really functional, has everything you need and is wireless. Among the strengths we find one very performing support hardware, the comfort of the wireless, for an definitely handsome and the ability to use it independently. It is a product complete and satisfying however, it does not lack some tricks.

        First of all the battery is a bit limiting, as it allows a maximum autonomy of about two hours and a little more. The price is certainly an advantage, but not if you decide to buy the original support accessories. These are certainly great and offer better comfort (see the Oculus Elite), but they are quite expensive. For the rest, however, it was a particular surprise.

        I have an Oculus Quest should I buy the Quest 2?

        Among you there will certainly be someone who is asking an interesting question: owning the Quest makes sense to upgrade to Quest 2? What are the analogy and which ones differences between the two viewers?
        To answer this question, we have decided to list everything in a short paragraph, hoping it will help you in your decision.

        Let's start with the side right away compatibility, which will make you breathe a sigh of relief: all the games of the library of Oculus Quest will also be compatible with its successor. So, you can rest easy, the upgrade won't weigh on your wallet too much.
        What are the differences? First let's talk about : L 'Oculus Quest used an OLED panel unlike the Quest 2 which is equipped with an LCD. For this reason, the overall yield is higher in the first model, in particular on blacks and in contrasts. Another point in favor of the Quest lies in the adjustment of the lenses: in the first version, in fact, it was possible to approach them continuously. In the older brother, however, there is an adjustment based on three clicks.

        The Oculus Quest 2 boasts improved hardware and higher resolution, its predecessor, however, shows an OLED panel, more vivid blacks and better adjustment. To you, therefore, the arduous sentence.

        Oculus Quest 2, all-in-one VR headset, 64GB
        • NEXT GENERATION HARDWARE: Enjoy every movement with an ultra-fast processor and our display with the ...
        • ALL-IN-ONE GAMING: Shoot, whip, and hit the beat thanks to titles from the huge library of games and experiences ...
        • IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy a front row seat for live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and ...
        450,00 EUR Buy on Amazon
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