Passport photos: how to find the nearest booth in seconds!

Photo teasers, sooner or later everyone needs them! After wasting a couple of hours looking for a cabin, we discovered a very useful application, which allows us to discover the nearest passport photo booth.

Paparazzo: the must-have application to not waste time

When there is a need for an ID photo, time is always too short to calmly find a suitable booth to obtain them. Above all, it's never easy to figure out where they are!

The application "Paparazzo“, In this sense, it is a real godsend because it offers the possibility to quickly consult the map and understand which is the closest passport photo camera. In addition, the app only includes the booths enabled to create photocopy ICAO certificate, that is valid for the production of documents.

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Using "Papaprazzo" is very simple: just open it, preferably with the GPS of the smartphone already active, and wait for it to geolocate us. Immediately, we will have an overview of the photo booths available nearby. In addition to this, we will also have the option to insert a CAP of interest, not necessarily matching the place where we actually are.

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Obviously, “Paparazzo” is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android. Its weight is very low and does not affect the general fluidity of the smartphone.

Download QR-Code ‎Paparazzo Dedem Developer: Dedem S.p.A. Price: Free

Download QR-Code Paparazzo Developer: Dedem S.p.A Price: Free Tagsandroid applicazioni fototessera iOS paparazzo Passport photos: how to find the nearest booth in seconds!
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