Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs

Have you ever dreamed of throwing yourself into the world of music to become a Professional DJ? Hopping on stage, scrolling through tracks one after another, mixing in front of your console? Well, if the answer is yes but it has always blocked the first step, the perfect solution has arrived. We are talking about the new DDJ-200 from Pioneer, the ideal product for aspiring DJs. Let's find out why in ours review!

Pioneer DDJ-200: our DJ controller review

Let's start with a small premise. Even if you are a novice in this field, you will surely know Pioneer DJ. This company and its products are a true institution in the history of (not only) Italian clubbing. For years and years artists and performers have used their equipment in their sets. Choosing a Pioneer DJ product as a starting point is therefore basically always a good decision. In this case though, what we are talking about is particularly ideal.

First of all for its size. As you approach a career in the field, you may not have enough space in your home for too bulky equipment. The Pioneer DDJ-200 with his 37,8 x 20,8 x 4,8 cm it sits quietly on a small shelf or in a corner of your desk. Being also very light, with approx 1,2 kg, it's super easy to move when needed.

This obviously applies even more to the actual transport, from home to the location of your evening. Nothing bulky and heavy bags: a backpack is enough to hold the Pioneer DDJ-200, or better still his official custody with protections, and its only cable for the power supply.

This controller is in fact equipped with a connection Bluetooth, thanks to which it is possible to connect it to your smartphone and from here manage part of the set. So when you are at work, in the studio or on stage, you will have the possibility of great freedom of movement, without the clutter of excessive cables. If we add to this that the power supply of the controller is through USB and which is therefore compatible with the use of battery pack, it is evident that with this product it can really be used anywhere and in any context.

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Take the first steps ...

As said, the Pioneer DDJ-200 it connects via Bluetooth or USB to a second device, with which we can create and modify the evening's schedule. Particularly interesting is the possibility of drawing on music streaming services, thanks to which we can easily carry out last minute changesif necessary.

To connect controllers and devices we can take advantage of many different applications, but the most suitable are certainly WeDJ for smartphones and rekordbox dj for PC and Mac. These in fact offer some special functions dedicated to those who are taking their first steps in this field, starting with an initial tutorial, which guides the user step by step in the most basic concepts.

Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs Download QR-Code ‎WeDJ for iPhone Developer: AlphaTheta Corporation Price: Free+ Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs Download QR-Code WeDJ Developer: AlphaTheta Corporation Price: Free+

As soon as our controller is connected, we can then follow extremely precise and accurate mini-guides to learn how to use it. These are not generic promos, but specific to the Pioneer DDJ-200, making it even easier to understand. To these are added additional features such as Pop-Hint by WeDJ, to remind you of the function of the different buttons at any time.

All these product accessibility features don't have to though make you fear. The Pioneer DDJ-200 is a quality instrument that offers many different potentials and that will allow you to easily manage an entire evening (and if you have studied the tutorials well, also to make a good impression). Clearly when you want to work on something particularly challenging it will be useful to switch to a more advanced model. However, for your entry into this world and for a good part of the first phase of your career, this controller will be an ideal and faithful companion.

Pioneer DDJ-200 review: buy it or not?

This new controller from Pioneer DJ really is the best solution for those who want to approach the world of DJing in a simple way. The functionalities offered are basic, but complete and already offer several possibilities. Its extreme ease of use and accessibility, combined with a commitment in terms of space, weight and price really content - we are talking about only 159 euros - make the Pioneer DDJ-200 the perfect entry-level product.

Pioneer DDJ-200

For Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs
  • Easy to use for beginners, also thanks to the tutorials
  • Adaptable to any context
  • Affordable price
Cons Pioneer DDJ-200 review, the perfect choice for budding DJs
  • For a more experienced user the functions are quite basic
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