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Also Chiara Ferragni enters the world of gaming with the video game “Rescue Matilda”, a retro game that catapults the digital entrepreneur into an engaging adventure, full of obstacles, in order to save her dog Matilda.

Chiara Ferragni's official video game in which you have to save the dog Matilda

Chiara Ferragni Collection, the entrepreneur's Italian brand, has decided to enter the gaming world as a new form of promotion, launching an 8-bit style video game. Rescue Matilda is a retro game style game, which allows you to take on the role of Chiara Ferragni to save Matilda, his dog, in a sliding platform. Just like Super Mario. Within the title, playable both from smartphone and from PC, you have to move the protagonist and overcome the obstacles in order to reach Matilda, kidnapped by a UFO at the beginning of the game.

After choosing the outfit to play with and a first level of acclimatization, where you run and jump like in the most classic of video games, the difficulty begins to increase and the last level is reachable only for a few. The enemies, giant mouths and barbed cacti, they are more and more. The obstacles are becoming more and more difficult, and the necessary reaction times are getting shorter and shorter. Then there is to motivate users ranking, with the best players of all time and of the week.

The project was developed by Gamindo, a startup specializing in the development of social impact video games for brands, in collaboration with the Pixel Artist Manolo “The_Gutter” Saviantoni and the Game Developer Samuele Sciacca, already known to the public for the creation of the game Al Bano vs Dino.

The game is free and can be used via web browser - via the Chiara Ferragni Collection official website - after entering your email address and creating a profile on the site. It is an innovative form of promotion, which allows you to entertain the user and at the same time meet new potential customers.

The fashion of 8-bit games

In the last year, 8-bit style graphics have depopulated thanks to two other titles that have entered the hearts of players, from the most experienced to casual gamers. The first is Al Bano vs Dinos, a bizarre video game with Albano Carrisi as the protagonist I intend to defeat some dinosaurs who try to attack him. The game was born after an interview where he stated that humans are responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. His theory suffered generated memes and many reactions from users, enough to push Shuttle Studio to create a video game. The game was developed by Samuele Sciacca, programmer, Manolo «The Groove» Saviantoni e Jeff Sisti who dealt with the sound sector.

Samuele Sciacca and Manolo «The Oluk» Saviantoni - together with Edo Favarelli - also developed the video game “LOL – The Game”, inspired by LOL - Who laughs is out, the famous program recently released on Amazon Prime Video. The purpose of the video game, also in 8-bit style, is to make the characters of the program laugh and eliminate anyone who gives in in laughter. As with the other games, there are various levels: the more you advance, the more difficulty you get. The game is available on the web for free by visiting this page.

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