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    The best apps to use as an alternative to WhatsApp

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    WhatsApp is the most used application to communicate with friends in the mobile world. Thanks to this App you can keep in touch with your friends wherever you are by sentheng messages, photos, location, etc.

    With the latest developments and updates, Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) has begun to change the privacy policy relating to the WhatsApp application. Many are looking for a "free" alternative that can better protect privacy and offer the same services or even better features for instant messaging, video calls and file exchange of all kinds.

    The alternative app to WhatsApp exist; some have less functionality but are excellent from other points of view such as privacy and security, support for video calls with many participants and much more.

    There are many apps that over the years have tried to undermine WhatsApp among the most used applications. Many have failed, many others are making their way and this article tries to collect them all, more or less known.

    Below you will find the free alternatives to WhatsApp with listed, for each App, the main features and for the supported platforms. By clicking on the name of a messaging application, you are therected to the official page, where you can download the version you prefer.

    The best alternatives to WhatsApp

    Telegram Messenger? best alternative?

    Available for: Android, iOS, PC, macOS.

    We have dethecated countless articles to Telegram which you can consult therectly here: Telegram articles. If you are among those who are switching from WhatsApp to Telegram, also read the dethecated article: how to switch WhatsApp chats on Telegram.

    Signal? best for privacy?

    Available for: Android, iOS, PC, macOS.

    eBuddy Messenger

    Available for: iOS, Android, other mobile devices with internet access, web client.

    Facebook Messenger

    Available for: Android, iPhone, Windows, web client.


    Available for: iPhone, Android.

    Google Duo

      * it is possible to deactivate the function (called “Knock Knock”).

    Available for: iPhone, Android, KaiOS, Android TV, Google Chrome


    Available for: Android, iPhone, iPad.

    KakaoTalk / KaTalk

    Available for: iPhone, Android.

    Kik Messenger

    Available for: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian.


    Available for: iPhone, Android, macOS, Windows.


    Available for: iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS.


    Available for: iOS, Android, HUAWEI AppGallery, Windows, macOS.


    Available for: iOS, Android, Web client.


    Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web client.

    XMS (no longer available)

    yuilop (no longer available)

    Nimbuzz (no longer available)

    Yahoo! Messenger (no longer available)

    Tango (no longer available)

    BBM - BlackBerry Messenger (no longer available)

    forfone (no longer available)

    Hike Messenger (no longer available)

    InstaMessage (no longer available)

    Available for: iOS, Android.

    indoona (no longer available)

    MessageMe (no longer available)

    LiveProfile (no longer available)


    If any features that are very important to you are missing from the features of the App listed, feel free to write us an email and it will be added. The same applies in the case of a functionality that is no longer present.

    Also if you think there are other noteworthy apps (as long as they are still supported at least on iOS and Android), please let us know with a comment.

    And to get a broader view on the use of the various Apps, we have included a survey on which App is in your opinion the best alternative to WhatsApp (2 preferences can be selected):

    I remind you that thanks to BlueStacks it is possible use many Android apps on your computer.

    The best apps to use as an alternative to WhatsApp

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