The review of the MSI Immerse GH61. What spatial audio!

The review of the MSI Immerse GH61. What spatial audio!

MSI Immerse GH61 review

Le MSI Immerse GH61 I'm not a super top of the range. The price, 89,90 €, positions them in the mid-range of the market, yet they managed to surprise and convince us thanks to a sober look, a low weight, a really well done positional audio and the possibility to customize the sound with the Nahimic software. But we don't want to anticipate everything. So let's go in order and find out together how these behave gaming headphones.

The video review

Ready for any occasion

The name of the MSI Immerse GH61 helps us to better frame them.
Immersed is the name of the series.
G sta per Gaming.
H sits on the Headset. 
6 defines the price range.
1 instead the generation.

The review of the MSI Immerse GH61. What spatial audio!We are therefore faced with a mid-range headset that represents the evolution of the previous GH60s. But what are these headphones actually like?

The first thing you will notice is the custody: elegant, robust and shaped inside to keep the Immerse GH61 always safe. 
The latter boast a decidedly sober design compared to traditional gaming products, which allows you to use them on multiple occasions, whether they are playful or work.
The shell is made of high quality plastic, the core is in metal and the bearings are made of two different materials: by default you will find those in protein skin but inside the package there are also those in breathable fabric. Both are comfortable in the long run and really easy to replace.
Of course the MSI Immerse GH61 are adjustable and equipped with retractable microphone to hide it when you don't need it.

There are two connection options: con jack from 3,5mm, with 1,2 meter cable, or tramite USB, with 1 meter cable. The latter includes a dongle which allows you to manage the volume, mute the microphone or activate 7.1 surround.

All these elements make the Immerse GH61 comfortable, light and versatile. In fact, nothing prevents you from using them on other devices but they obviously give the maximum when connected to the PC via USB.

How do they sound?

The review of the MSI Immerse GH61. What spatial audio!On board we find due driver da 40 mm, designed and calibrated with onkyo, Japanese company leader in the audio sector. The result is a very high volume, a rich sound and above all an obsessive attention to spatiality.
To help you understand better what we mean try listening to this clip, recorded playing Hitman and with the help of a Zoom H5 microphone.

MSI Immerse GH61 - How does it feel?


Below is a brief track of the same game recorded instead with the official PlayStation headphones, belonging to the same price range.

· PlayStation Headphones


In our opinion, the difference is really substantial. The MSI headset returns a more full-bodied and rich in detail audio, while ensuring a really important feeling of spatiality.  The transition is always gradual and it is easy to understand which direction the noise is coming from. Of course, it is not essential with any video game but if you are a shooter lover, where every slightest noise can signal the presence of the enemy and save your life, you will love this feature.

We then have no sound distortion even at high volumes while the immersion is practically total, so you can focus on the action without being distracted by external agents.

Good results also on the front microphone. Hear it here.

· MSI Immerse GH61 - Microphone test


The audio is clean, the voice is clear and teammates have never had a problem listening to us. We also have good noise cancellation that you can activate via the software Nahimic. The latter however allows you to manage a lot of different settings. There are presets, for customize the acoustic experience, but also an entire menu dedicated to the microphone that allows you, among other things, to define the environment you are in in order to have one noise cancellation more punctual. 
Nahmic include il Sound Tracker, a feature that allows you to superimpose a small overlay on compatible games and that shows you the direction from which the rumor is coming. FPS lovers will love it.

MSI Immerse GH61 review: buy them or not?

We liked the MSI Immerse GH61 a lot. Compared to much of the competition they come up with a sober and classic design, which makes them really suitable for everyday life too. They are also comfortable and light, so you will have no problems using them even for several hours.

The audio quality is very good: the collaboration with Onkyo has paid off, the positional audio has totally convinced us and the immersion is truly total. To this we add the excellent performance of the microphone, the double possibility of connection and an intuitive and complete software. At 89,90 euros they are a really big deal. In fact, with less than 100 euros you can have a quality headset that goes well with any type of use. 

Are you thinking about it? Until October 30th you can find them in pre-order on the official MSI website.

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