The review of WD_Black SN750 SE Battlefield 2042: the special edition dedicated to the shooter

Western Digital, in the field of storage units, certainly needs no introduction: it is an established company in this sector, with the ability to offer valid products, from hard drives to traditional SSDs - portable and non-portable - and NVMe ones. With the brand WD_Black moreover Western Digital wants to be a point of reference for i gamer that need storage space and top performance. For this review we got to try theSSD NVMe SN750 SE Battlefield 2042 di WD_Black, a themed branded internal Gen4 solid-state drive Battlefield 2042 and that also bundles a code to be able to download the game on PC via Origin.

The WD_Black SN750 SE Battlefield 2042 review

The WD_Black SN750 SE Battlefield NVMe SSD is available in two denominations: from 500GB and 1TB. It looks like a classic M.2 NVMe SSD, but the main differences are two and they are noticed as soon as you open the package: the unit itself is imprinted with the logo in Battlefield 2042 and there is an additional leaflet with a code to redeem, which we will talk about shortly.

In addition to the iconic logo, there is a Black PCB and a sticker of the same color that shows the main information of the SSD. Inside the package, however, there is no screw to fix the unit to the motherboard, so you will have to use those already sold together with the motherboard itself. The installation, as with all SSDs of this type, it is extremely simple: just access the internal components of your PC - in our case a desktop PC - by opening the side panel, and then look for the M.2 slot on the motherboard. Once found, just carefully insert the unit into its housing and secure it with the screw in your possession.

If you use the SSD as a secondary drive, you just have to turn on the PC to find in the Windows Disk Management - or in the respective program for the other operating systems - the new drive without partitions. At this time you need to create a new partition in order to use the disk. If, on the other hand, you want to use the SSD to install the operating system, just select it during the installation process and that's it. Obviously the unit is rBackward compatible even with motherboards without PCIe 4.0, therefore Gen3 and earlier, even if it gives its best with the last generation.

How to redeem Battlefield 2042

Before talking about the performance of this SSD we want to explain to you how to proceed to redeem the key for Battlefield 2042 for PC, which you will get with the purchase of this M.2 drive.

Inside the package, as anticipated, you will find a leaflet with the Battlefield 2042 logo and the wording "Redemption code". Below you will find an alphanumeric code to be entered by visiting this page. Here you will have to press the orange button "Redeem Code" and enter your date of birth. Once continued, you can click on the orange "Redeem" button and enter the alphanumeric code on the leaflet, as well as your email address (if you already have an Origin account, use the same email address). After a few seconds you will receive an email with the Battlefield 2042 game key and a link to redeem it. Once this is done, you will have the game in your Origin library and you can finally play!

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The performance of this WD_Black SN750 SE

Compared to the original version, the SN750, this Special Edition is available in 250GB (not available in the Battlefield 2042 edition), 500GB and 1TB - while the original edition also offered 2TB and 4TB capacities - and uses the controller Phison PS5019-E19T at TSMC.

This NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD is fourth generation and can reportedly reach speeds of up to 3600 MB / s read and 2800 MB / s write for the 1TB variant e 2000MB / s for the 500GB variant. Respectively, the two variants have 525.000 / 640.000 and 360.000 / 480.000 read / write IOPS. The warranty is 5 years, ensuring a writing of 300TB for the younger brother and 600TB for the older one.

In practice, the unit practically manages to respect the declared numbers. We made several tests using three different benchmark programs: CrystalDiskMark (version 8.0.4), Anvil’s Storage Utilities e ATTO Disk Benchmark, running three test benchmarks for each software.

WD_Black SN750 SE Battlefield 2042 review: our tests

With CrystalDiskMark, running three benchmarks, we managed to reach maximum 3465.36MB / s read and 2037.33MB / s write. It is an excellent speed and fully reflects the characteristics written on the card, even exceeding the declared value of 2000MB / s in writing. The “worst” benchmark of the three however recorded 3464.47 MB ​​/ s in reading and 2027.27 MB / s in writing, therefore a minimal difference. During these tests we monitored the temperature of the SSD via HWMonitor, recording a maximum of 61 degrees under stress.

Then came the ATTO Disk Benchmark, which measures the performance of the drive by carrying out writing and reading tests of different sizes. The unit reached a peak of 3.10GB / s in reading and 2.16GB / s in writing in all three tests. During testing, the SSD never exceeded 40 degrees.

We then tested the WD_Black SN750 SE SSD with Anvil's Storage Utilities. The unit has achieved a maximum score of 15.913.51, of which 5.855.23 for reading and 10.058.28 for writing. The “worst” result was 15.884.04, therefore always constant above 15.880.00. In this case the SSD reached a maximum temperature of 44 degrees, always remaining under controlled temperatures. Overall this WD_Black SN750 SE Battlefield 2042 met all expectations, resulting efficient, fast and reliable, maintaining normal temperatures under stress.

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WD_Black SN750 SE Battlefield 2042: buy it or not?

This WD_Black in edizione Battlefield 2042 combines the excellent performance of the SN750 SE SSD with the possibility of redeeming the long-awaited game released a few weeks ago and of which you can find our review here. The performance of this SSD NVMe PCIe 4.0 they do not disappoint at all, finding confirmation with the numbers declared by the company: the result is a reliable and fast unit. You can currently find the 500GB version on offer at 124,99 euros and the 1TB version on offer at 190,99 euros: at this price we absolutely recommend the purchase, especially if you are interested in Battlefield 2042.


  • Excellent performance
  • Price in line with performance (with game included)


  • Maximum capacity 1TB

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