This smartphone screen repairs itself thanks to the ambient temperature

This smartphone screen repairs itself thanks to the ambient temperature

Canadian researchers may well revolutionize the smartphone world with their latest invention. This is a kind of polymer capable of regenerating itself. What does this have to do with your phone? This famous material could be used in screens to make them repair themselves automatically after being damaged.

Research is constantly improving our smartphones. Power, autonomy, innovation: if our devices are infinitely more efficient than barely 10 years ago, it is thanks to the work of researchers who are developing new manufacturing techniques. And progress is not about to stop. When they can't find a way to reduce the size of chargers by 24, they solve the problem common to all smartphone owners: the broken screen.

This concern is also recurrent that it can be expensive for those having the misfortune to drop their phone. Also, two researchers from Concordia University have succeeded in creating a polymer capable of automatically regenerating itself, without external intervention, all of this. at room temperature. Once used in the manufacture of screens, this polymer could allow the latter to repair themselves.

A polymer to repair screens and increase battery life

“One of the main difficulties in this type of project is to maintain a balance between mechanical properties and self-healing properties,” explains Twinkal Patel, a member of the team behind the discovery. “Our goal is not to compromise the strength of the network while adding a dynamic capacity for self-healing from damage and scratches. We focus on completely healing scratches at room temperature. This characteristic sets our research apart from others. "

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“Therefore, these materials save consumers time and money while extending the life of the material used and reducing the environmental burden,” confirms Pothana Gandhi Nellepalli, co-author of the article. Especially since this is not the only advantage of the polymer. Used on batteries, the material could extend their lifespan. “This same technology could certainly be used to extend the life of cell phone batteries. In the future, we would be able to recharge them just by walking. "

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