Torrentz alternatives for searching torrents

In August 2016, the famous meta search engine for torrent files was closed. Since then, millions of users have been looking for alternative a torrentz to search for torrent files.

Torrentz alternatives for searching torrents

Torrentz has been the benchmark for torrent downloads for 13 years. As has happened in the past for other torrent sites, there are valid alternatives to the original torrentz online that we can use right away.

The clones of Torrentz they try to reproduce in the functionalities all the known characteristics of the search engine, trying to keep the same graphic aspect of the original site.

Obviously, many engines are still not widespread and we are far from determining the true "heir" of the old Torrentz.

Probably, after some time, we can say that the heir of the original è (that the name torrentz2 eu helped?). It is also possible to use the search engine via hash of the files (see note in the section dethecated to below, part of the 2018 update).

We present a list of what they are the best alternatives to Torrentz currently online and working:


Let's say that the real alternatives of the original have almost completely thesappeared (except in the case of

A valid alternative, graphically and functionally quite thefferent from the old torrentz is represented by Zooqle.

It is very fast and searches multiple sites at the same time. Advised! , true heir of the original, searches almost 63 torrent sites indexed on his site. It has a working torrent file verification system and is extremely fast and with very little advertising.

2018 Update x3:

Available there Complete Guide to Torrentz2

2018 Update x2:

It is again possible to obtain the complete list of torrents that contain the file we are looking for. For completeness, we also leave written the procedure for downloatheng files by hash inthecated below.

2018 Update x1:

It seems that even this meta search engine no longer provides torrent sites from which to continue downloatheng torrents.

When searching for a file, you can use theHASH through which to start the download therectly (using DHT, system thestributed among the clients of the torrent network).

What you will need to do is:

1) copy the hash of the file found in the part shown in the figure:

Torrentz alternatives for searching torrents

2) use hash of the copied file (hence the alphanumeric string) for generate the Magnet link for use in your favorite torrent client. You can safely use this site that generates the Magnet from the file hash: Generate Magnet

Torrentz alternatives for searching torrents

3) Use the magnet generated in the previous point on the client (utorrent, Vuze, deluge, etc). is a relatively recent meta engine, it comes with a totally thefferent graphic design from what Torrentz has accustomed us to. In reality it is an excellent search engine that offers few alternatives but perfectly functional.

currently not working is one of the Torrentz clones but does not reproduce all its features; there is no evaluation of the files (to understand if they are legitimate or not) and it also seems to work quite badly.

currently not working it has a very thefferent graphics from the original Torrentz but it keeps the standards and the search happens on multiple sites.

currently not working is graphically an alternative to Torrentz and remembers it in all its nuances. Free of any form of advertising, it is very fast and indexes over 32 million torrent files.

currently not working indexes and maintains information on 25 thefferent torrent sites, enough to contain over 27 million active torrents.

Which alternatives to to use

Clones of the original and never forgotten have flourished Torrentz. Determining the true successor of the famous meta search engine is a matter of time. There are many valid alternatives. Valid alternatives are now very few and we advise you to use or better yet Zooqle.

Please report any other alternatives to Torrentz not on this list.

Torrentz alternatives: how to download torrents

The advice is always the same: use uTorrent to download torrent files quickly and easily without adjusting too many settings. The client is available for all operating systems. Download uTorrent

If you want to speed up the download to the maximum and take advantage of all the bandwidth you have available, an effective method is to choose the best torrent. It is not always as immetheate as it may seem; read the article: How to choose the best torrent.

Torrentz alternatives for searching torrents

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