We transfer your memories with a "click"

Scan old photos it has never been so quick and easy. Say goodbye to yours old and slow scanner, arm yourself with smartphone and get ready to relive all your old memories in digital format. Like? We explain it to you in this small guide.

Scanning old photos: a journey into the past

How many photos do you take a day with your beloved smartphone? Well, it is a question that many of us have wondered when remembering those long gone times when the photos to be taken on a vacation could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, those times are over and thanks to our beloved technology we have millions and millions of shots available.

Since much of the childhood of some resides in beautiful ones paper photos, we have thought about how we can digitize those documents e store them on cloud software. For the more nostalgic it will be a blow to the heart, but our idea is to create a virtual photo album to share with friends and family.
There is certainly no shortage of applications. But we, as good Princesses, have selected after a careful and meticulous study, the two of the best applications available on the Play Store and App Store.

Our Team of scientists specialized in digitizing photos has found in the vast sea of ​​apps a selection of applications that do their job perfectly without running into unnecessary complexity.

Google Photos - the perfect digital life partner 

How not to mention Google Photos. For owners of Android smartphones it may not be new. Google Photos is one of the best virtual galleries, but it certainly doesn't stop there. In fact, the app provides the user with a fully functional service of data backup. However, we want to focus on the ability of Photo to be able to carry your memories on your smartphone.

Don't worry, no mad scientist will steal your mind! Just download the application Scan Photos Google (by reaching the side menu of the photo app and clicking on Photo Scan) to access a complete and simple photo digitization tool.

Foto Scan, as we have said, is proposed as one of the best solutions to scan your old photos. The application is easy, perfect for everyone. On its first start a tutorial will show you how to use your smartphone's camera for crop and digitally archive a photo. Through a sequence of shots, the application will cut e will improve your print. Don't worry about reflections, he takes care of eliminating imperfections artificial intelligence of the information giant.

One of the features that made us love Foto Scan the most, is its perfect and obvious sync with Google Photos. Once you have finished your sequence of shots, in the blink of an eye you will have all your scanned images uploaded to your cloud.
Both applications, Google Photos and Foto Scan, are available for both Android and IOS and also accessible from web browser.

Download QR-Code Google Foto Developer: Google LLC Price: Free Download QR-Code ‎Google Foto Developer: Google LLC Price: Free+

Photomyne: the application to scan old photos

Another application that has caught the attention of our scientists is Photomyne. This is available in both free and premium versions. The operation is similar to Foto Scan but is richer in functions.

During the shooting phase, you will notice how the application deals with crop and flatten the photo. Finally apply a light filter so as not to ruin the grain of an old printed photo. The news comes now: you can create different albums within the app where you can catalog all your photos. For example, we have reserved a special category for photos of animals and food (those can never be missing). Within each single album you can then manage every shot to enhance a bad crop or other features of the photo. You can keep adding new shots and uploading all your memories to the Photomyne cloud.
However, if you want to concentrate all the photos in one place, with the premium version of the application you can download the shots locally, share them and create nice videos.

Download QR-Code ‎Scanner Foto di Photomyne Developer: Photomyne LTD Price: Free+ Download QR-Code Photo Scan App by Photomyne Developer: Photomyne Ltd. Price: Free+
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Create a shared album 

Finally, to relive your memories even with family and friends, we have thought of a way to share your album. Once the scanning process is finished you can send the entire collection to other people who can add new photos. How to do?

Again we can use Google Photos. Obviously it is not the only application able to do this, there are also the proprietary applications of the major telephony companies (such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei). However, we want to limit ourselves to using Google Photos for his interconnection with both IOS and Android devices.

Creating your shared album is super easy. Once you have created your collection of favorite photos, clicking on the "three dots”At the top right you will access the album menu. Pressing on the item "Share"You will get the link  with which you can share your collection with friends and family. They will only be able to enter the album you have selected, viewing it and adding photos.

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