With this ring I unlock you. Here's how Kaspersky keeps us safe from cybercriminals

With this ring I unlock you. Here's how Kaspersky keeps us safe from cybercriminals

If until some time ago the sensitive data that could end up in the hands of hackers were the usual passwords and PIN codes, now the target of cybercriminals has definitely risen, and points directly to our biometric data. According to Kaspersky, a world leader in cybersecurity, 37% of the servers containing the users' biometric data (fingerprints, hand geometry, voice, iris and face), have undergone at least one attempted IT intrusion.

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A truly worrying figure, which suggests potentially apocalyptic scenarios, especially since the use of biometric data could unlock access to environments that, as a rule, should be highly protected. A science fiction film picture, which is however materializing before our eyes, mostly using the vehicle of the Great Net.

In 2015 alone, the hacking operations against the Office Personnel Management in the United States have determined the loss of 5,6 million fingerprints. Techniques for biometric data theft are becoming increasingly sophisticated, including the use of digital cameras and other tools available on a large scale.

Faced with a problem that can endanger our privacy and finances (let's not forget that payments often have to be confirmed by our fingerprint or iris), Kaspersky has started a collaboration with a 3D accessories designer to which he entrusted the creation of a particular ring that integrates a fingerprint pattern, capable of unlocking our smartphones or other similar devices.

Basically, a "fictitious" fingerprint will be printed on the front of the ring that we can use in all devices, safeguarding our biometric data. After all, it is much easier to change a randomly generated print than ours, right? In the event that the biometric data is stolen by a hacker attack, you can decide to change the pattern on the ring. 

Interesting, right? But now don't go to your trusted jeweler, because the one launched by Kaspersky is more a provocation that, probably, will not find a real commercial form. In this way we intend to emphasize the concept of "cyber immunity", Since with this type of approach you work directly in the prevention phase, securing your unique data from unscrupulous hackers

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