Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

Looking at the wide range of wireless products released in the last period, the question arises: "The era of the thread is perhaps over? "
If you take a look at the new technology, we learn that more and more products are being created without wires. Gaming peripherals are no exception either, which, for some years now, have begun to follow the trend of more mainstream products. The encumbrance given by the cables can be a nuisance and the public's request is to have accessories that are performing but free from wires. For this reason it should not surprise us at all the entry of Cooler Master into this wonderful world with his Cooler Master MH670 Wireless.

These are decidedly elegant headphones, devoid of too many glitz, but with more than abundant features. We have a dual driver with 50mm neodymium magnates, for an omnidirectional microphone fully removable, support a Virtual Dolby Surround 7.1 and double connectivity.
Before the eyes we find a product that really has so much to offer for a price in line with the competition (about 110 €).
Today we present them to you in combination with the stand Cooler Master GS750. The secret weapon of these headphones? Duration, but let's see every little detail. Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

Package Contents:

  • Cooler Master MH670 Wireless (with separate microphone)
  • 3,5mm TRRS jack cable
  • USB-MicroUSB cable
  • Dongle wireless
  • Type C adapter (for connection to mobile devices)
  • Headphone bag

Cooler Master MH670, in a nutshell? Clean and no frills

For these new headphones Cooler Master has again wanted to aim on elegance. We have indeed a decidedly design sober and clean: there are no particular pomp, no LED lighting, just a minimal symbol on the pavilions, nothing more.
The livery is of dark colour for almost all, except for the logo made with a chrome finish.
I pavilions they are made of plastic gray in color, while the rest of the composition has a black color.
Lthe core of these headphones is made of aluminum, while the rest of the cover is completely plastic. Don't be fooled by this detail: the product is indeed very strong and super flexible. Overall the Cooler Master MH670 are really very solid and robust.

The Cooler Master MH670 are perfect for long sessions

In addition to the appearance it is also important to take into account ergonomics: The headphones must be comfortable to be worn without too many problems for long gaming sessions. The new product from Cooler Master is also excellent from this point of view. Although they weigh around 373g, the headphones are anything but uncomfortable. This is thanks to a good sponge padding of the upper arch, covered with eco-leather. The camber is generous in terms of size and is at the same time even soft and pleasant to the touch. To this is added another one padding on the pavilions, made with the same materials.

The excellent adjustment, managed through the classic, also contributes to the comfort telescopic sliding mechanism and a perfect movement of the pavilions. These can swing vertically with wide angle (from about 30 ° to 90 °), adapting perfectly to any type of head.
The good padding and the eco-leather cover also guarantee a excellent sound insulation. The headphones perfectly isolate us from external noise without being too pressing on the temples.

Discount Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending Cooler Master MH670 Wireless Gaming Headphone Wireless Sound ...
  • 7.1GHZ WIRELESS 2,4 VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND - A high frequency wireless signal delivers smooth sound without ...
  • Universal connectivity - the mh670 is equipped with both a usb type a connector (with usb type c adapter included) ...
  • SUPREME COMFORT - Swivel design earcups, soft high density foam cushions, with foam padding ...
120,00 EUR −11% 106,74 EUR Buy on Amazon

Let's finish now with the detail on the pavilions. As we might have expected, being a wireless model, i pavilions are equipped with different types of adjustment.
On the left pavilion we have the entrance to the jack TRRS da 3,5 mm (in case we wanted to connect the headphones with the cable), the rvolume adjustment knob, the input for the microphone and the key to change it and "smut it". As mentioned the headphones have, in fact, a fully removable and adjustable microphone thanks to a very flexible metal structure, covered with a matte black plastic.

On the right pavilion we find the on and off button, the key for turn surround on or off and a door Micro USB to be able to charge the headphones. Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

Lots of connections and an infinite battery

The battery is the trump card of the Cooler Master MH670. To describe it in one word: exceptional.
The product features a 15000 mAh able to get almost to 30 hours of battery life. The duration average is really very high and never under 20 hours.
A truly significant detail, especially when compared with other competitors who, at times, cannot exceed 7/8 hours. For a wireless product this is a key feature and Cooler Master has made a perfect centerpiece. The only note is the time of recharge: to go from 0% to 100% you need almost 3 hours. So perhaps not a super fast recharge, but absolutely bearable when compared to the final autonomy.

Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

    Turning instead to connectivity, the Cooler Master MH670 operate with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. This feature gives them practically zero latency, almost as if they were wired. The use is very simple: just insert the USB adapter, turn on the headphones with the button and everything will be connected. Given the various number of cables in the package, it will be possible to use the headphones also in a wired way, using for example the 3,5 mm jack.
    An interesting feature is the presence, in the package, of a Type-C / USB adapter that will allow you to connect the headphones wirelessly to your mobile devices as well.

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    Very beautiful, but how did they behave on the battlefield?

    The most important part, however, is the audio: how did the Cooler Master MH670 behave? First of all, we tested the device both during gaming sessions and while listening to music. For the test we set the pre-installed profiles and then made some further adjustments again using the Cooler Master software MasterPlus.

    The first tests carried out were precisely those in game on the PC; among the games we tested we tested Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Battlefield V, Rainbow Six, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and The Witcher 3. We therefore ranged between FPS and RPG to get a complete view of the sound.
    During the FPS test we focused on the footsteps of the enemies and the directionality of the shots. The headphones behaved very well: we always stayed perfectly insulated from the outside and the directionality has never been lacking. We heard the shots, explosions and footsteps well, without being overwhelmed by the voices of our comrades.

    In the test with the RPGs, on the other hand, we focused on incidental music and immersion. We must say that we were happy with the outcome of the test. Again we could hear all background noises, music and voices, remaining completely immersed in them. Perfect isolation and excellent reproduction for a truly satisfying result.

    To conclude, we also did some tests also in the musical field. Let's assume that these are not high-end studio headphones, but are perfectly suited to be used in a mainstream way forlistening to videos on YouTube and Spotify.
    Bass is strong, but not too loud to cover all other sounds. The highs are very balanced, while the mids are slightly subdued.

    Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending


      Il microphone of these Cooler Master MH670 is overall good for use in gaming or in some voice channel. The sound that comes out is quite loud and clear. We do not have too marked defects for in-game use, notwithstanding not best suited for streaming sessions.
      What missing it is first and foremost a good one anti-pop filter. In fact, trying to record the voice simply by adding it, the situation improves significantly.

      To give you an idea of ​​the real sound we have left a few seconds of recording without any post production processing.

      The Cooler Master MasterPlus software always accompanies us

      To accompany our headphones Cooler Master MH670 is the MasterPlus software which will allow us to access some sound management functions. The program gives a good level of Customization with the right amount of simplicity. It is a very intuitive software: the main screen it will allow us to adjust the tones and the frequency spectrum. Everything will be managed through simple bars. Once we have chosen our mix we can save the profile in the window on the right. This also has three profiles pre-set: Gaming, Film and Pop Music.

      The program also presents a second window that will allow us to access the surround functionality. Not only will we be able to activate / deactivate the same, but we will also be able to adjust it. What is possible to do is move the position of the different sources of sound reproduction, to better adjust them.
      Always through MasterPlus we will also be able to manage the Cooler Master GS750 stand. In this case we will also be able to change the LED color through different lighting effects. The same software is compatible with other Cooler Master peripherals, such as the MM711 mouse. Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

      Cooler Master GS750: the perfect stand

      Alongside the faithful Cooler Master MH670 we tested it stand Cooler Master GS750. This is not just a headphone holder, but one complete and complex solution. The structure is made of aluminum, While the base is made of plastic, all black. The dimensions are quite small: 160 x 100 x 25 mm. There robustness of the materials will allow us to hang even very heavy headphones, without any problem.
      Interesting feature, which denotes the great care in the realization, it is the rubber coating that covers the support surface. The protrusion (always made of aluminum) is also very nice and lends itself well to the collection of cables.
      On the base we then find an additional rubber coating that gives a perfect grip on the support surface.

      Il However, Cooler Master GS750 is more than just a stand, this fact lends itself to being also a USB hub, 7.1 surround support and Qi Wireless charging system.
      As a charging support base, the system features two USB 3.0 ports, in addition to Qi Wireless for compatible devices.
      The stand also offers support for 7.1 surround technology; this means that, by connecting a device with the 3.5 mm jack, there will be the possibility to recreate a virtual surround even on headphones that do not have it. To manage everything it will simply be necessary to rely on the MasterPlus software.
      Finally, the basis presents an illumination LED RGB always controllable through the management program.

      Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

        Cooler Master MH670, do we buy them?

        Le Cooler Master MH670 are definitely interesting. It is a product made with excellent materials, they are solid and robust.
        They passed all our tests with flying colors, lasted forever and proved to be quite comfortable. Perhaps the only flaw is the microphone: excellent for voice chat, much less for direct streaming. The price is high, but very balanced, indeed even lower than some competitors of the same caliber.

        Who they fit? The Cooler Master MH670 are perfect for anyone who wants a space-free product. The absence of cables guarantees order and mobility. They are perfectly suited to understated gamers who don't require a product full of lights, but who aim for quality and elegance. Their sturdiness allows them to be carried anywhere, without having to worry about damaging them. Thanks to the excellent adjustment they adapt to all heads, young and old.
        Therefore, they are perfect for players who want quality and mobility.

        Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending

        Cool Master MH670

        Pro Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending
        • Robust and resistant materials
        • Excellent value for money
        • Excellent autonomy
        Cons Cooler Master MH670 Wireless: Review - Never Ending
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