How to easily take control of your computer remotely

Taking control of a remote computer can be used on multiple occasions. Whether for personal or professional reasons, it can be useful to take control of your computer in order to access certain data easily. Here is our selection of applications that will help you in this task.

Le Play Store fournit some nuggets which allow you to take control of your computer easily from a distance. You do not necessarily have to have great computer knowledge, contrary to what one might think at first glance.

We will go around several applications just to weigh the pros and cons of each solution, let's get started! We start with an application that has made a solid reputation and that you surely know, TeamViewer.

TeamViewer: take control of Windows, macOS or Linux ...

The publisher offers its solution for free as long as it remains in a personal framework or for evaluation of the solution. However, for business use and for the purpose of controlling many computers, it will be necessary to proceed to the cash register to obtain a license.

This tutorial is based on the free version of TeamViewer, here's how to install it, it's relatively simple.

First, you will have to start by installing the application on your computer. It is available on the publisher's website, taking care to pay attention to your platform, Windows, macOS, Linux… of course. In this example, we are using Windows 10. When you start the installation, remember to check the box “Personally / not commercially".

The application will now launch and we will now focus on the Android part.

We install the Android version through the Play Store of course. Once the application is installed, you will need to enter an identifier which is communicated to you through the application. It is also noted in the box “Your ID”, without forgetting the password which is indicated in clear just below on your computer.

On the TeamViewer Android application, it is relatively simple since this information is requested from you as soon as you launch it. Once you have entered your “TeamViewer ID”, press “Remote control” and enter the password.

A dialog box appears to quickly explain how to get started with the application with touch input. It is preferable to adjust certain parameters to your liking by pressing on the small toothed wheel provided for this purpose.

The Android application is designed to make your life as easy as possible and its ergonomics is a very significant point when you would have thought that controlling a computer that usually works with a keyboard / mouse pair would be difficult to manipulate on the screen. touch of a smartphone, it is not. It's very simple and you have access to all the usual shortcuts.

All entries that require the use of a virtual keyboard go through the keyboard you normally use on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, shortcuts like “Ctrl + Alt + Del”To lock your session for example that we find in Windows are also part.

Enjoying a game or watching a video from your computer is not recommended, of course it will depend on the speed of your internet connection. However, the experience is unlikely to be particularly exciting.

Access to your personal files is also offered, so you can configure this possibility within the application by simply clicking on “Files” and ticking the boxes of the folders that interest you.

We come to the end of the explanations for the how TeamViewer works, you may have noticed that it is not necessary to have a lot of technical knowledge to make it work and understand how it works. It is clear that its ergonomics and simplicity make it an essential solution in this field.

Controlling your computer remotely using a 3G / 4G connection or Wi-Fi isn't rocket science or complicated in itself. However, the publisher is not the only one in this niche, even Google has decided to offer a relatively simple and effective solution, let's take a closer look.

Google: Remote Desktop

We stay on the same goal as for the previous application, it's still just as simple and if you use Chrome, you just need to add an extension and you're done. To start, you must make sure you are logged in with a Google account.

By going to this page, we will install the famous extension “Remote office”, Once it is added to Chrome you have to launch it to activate it. In particular, you will be asked to confirm that you want to connect with your Google account, you will of course have to accept.

Then, to secure remote access to your computer, a 6-digit PIN code is required.

We move on to the Android part now, go to the Play Store as usual and download the application offered by Google and voila. Once you have launched the application, enter the correct account and the previously defined PIN code, you will be able to control your computer remotely.

However, do not expect so many possibilities like TeamViewer since it will not be the case here. The DNA of the research giant is to offer simple and clean applications without too much fuss.

Splashtop : un TeamViewer like

The application walking on the flower beds of TeamViewer, of which she takes up a few ideas here and there. The principle is relatively similar, you must first create an account on the publisher's site and take care of downloading the application for your platform, it seems that only Windows and macOS are not supported.

Then, the publisher imposes some restrictions on the free version. So if we want to fully use the possibilities offered by the application, we will have to put our hands in our pocket. Or else accept that it will be possible to use Splashtop only on a local network without any particular restriction. However, during registration, a free trial offer is offered so that you can still use it remotely.

The app isn't as complete as TeamViewer can be, however it gets the job done and that's exactly what we're looking for here. Regarding the Android part, all you have to do is download the application and enter your username and password. Once this step is completed, it's done.

You can easily take control of your computer remotely without the hassle. It is a solution that is halfway between what Google and TeamViewer offers.


As you can see, taking control of your computer remotely is really one thing. very easy to make. This does not require any particular technical knowledge, the operations are within the reach of everyone.

If for personal use, things are rather well done since most of the solutions presented offer free access. For professionals who are potentially more greedy, things are not the same since it will be necessary to put a hand in the pocket.

There are other apps on the Play Store, we are aware of that. Moreover on your side, what do you think is the best solution? What do you usually use? Let us know in the comments!

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