Is LEGO about to launch a new set dedicated to the TV series Friends?

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La serie TV Friends it has already earned a LEGO set, the one dedicated to Central Perk, the venue that hosted the protagonists of the series for all 10 seasons. Apparently, however, a second one is about to arrive and to anticipate it is the same LEGO with an image published yesterday on his Facebook page. But what will this set be like?

A new LEGO set for the TV series Friends

The news does not catch us completely unprepared. Rumors about a new LEGO set dedicated to the TV series Friends have been circulating for a few weeks but have evolved over time. At the beginning, in fact, a named set was expected Monica & Rachel’s Apartment (10292); the model appeared to cost $ 150 and was supposed to launch on May 19 for VIP members and June 1 for everyone else.

A more recent leak, however, shows a baptized set The Apartments, which therefore includes both Monica and Rachel's and Joey and Chandler's apartments, complete with a corridor to join the two houses and props to re-propose the Friends set to fans.

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If so we would have in our hands a much larger model than that of the Central Perk which already owns 1070 pieces.

But to find out what this new model will look like we will have to wait a few more weeks but the image spread by LEGO gives us at least one certainty: the set will include all the protagonists of the series, then Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross.

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