Samsung announces a new color for the Galaxy S10 and S10 +

L'uscita di Galaxy S10 and S10 + it dates back to a few months ago. Despite this, Samsung decided to release a new color for its flagship. It is a blue, named by the company Smoke Wave Blue, translatable to something like a wave of blue smoke.

Galaxy S10 new color, same hardware

The arrival of a new color after the launch of the device is now nothing new. Many companies, in fact, usually release colored versions of their smartphones to rekindle consumer interest in them, months after their release.

It is not even a novelty for the S10 in particular, given that this Smoke Wave Blue, the announcement of the limited edition follows shortly Cardinal Red. 

Unfortunately, at the moment this color has been made available for the solo Chinese market and Samsung has not yet communicated anything about the other markets. In any case, it is a purely aesthetic change. The Samsung flagships, in fact, keep unchanged all of them technical also in this new color.

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