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UAF YouTube is a platform that allows the viewing of multimedia contents. Specifically, within it, we can see trailers, home videos, reviews, news and live streaming. The proposed contents are original and vary from the simple video clip of our favorite song to the vlog. On YouTube you are a spectator, but not only. you can comment, vote, add a video to your favorites. In addition to this, however, you can also become the protagonist of the scene. Nothing prevents you, in fact, from open your own YouTube channel and start posting personal videos. If you've always wanted to create a YouTube channel, but you don't know how, if you've always wanted make money with YouTube and have many members, then you've come to the right place. With this YouTube Guide we will give you all the information you want and we will answer all the questions you have always asked yourself but were afraid to ask.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing platform within which it is can see or upload videos. If you are a simple spectator, you can watch the video clips of your favorite songs, or the trailers of your video games. The quantity and variety of multimedia contents present are many and there are films of all kinds, ready to satisfy any need.

On YouTube you can find news, live streams, reviews ranging from the tech world to body care products. In short, there is nothing that you cannot find on the platform. The uploaded videos can be professional or amateur, there are no limits. Anyone can watch a movie and anyone can upload it. You can also to comment and give a positive or negative rating to the video you are watching. On YouTube it is also possible earn by uploading something that can please and interest the public. To do it you have to create a YouTube channel and insert original content.

YouTube gratis e Premium

UAF YouTube it is basically completely free. To use the service you don't have to pay, but there are some limitations. If you want to have full access to YouTube you can subscribe to YouTube Premium, the platform service can offer some interesting advantages.

How Premium works

It's you subscribe to Premium you can watch videos on YouTube without ads, can download videos to watch them offline and you can riprodurli in background.

How to listen to YouTube in the background

You can play videos on your mobile while using other apps or when the screen is turned off with the subscription YouTube Premium. Background playback works on the YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile apps.

If you want modify or deactivate playing in background:

  • Go to Settings Settings.
  • Select Background Play in "Background & Downloads".
  • Press the option you prefer:
  • Always active: All videos will always play in the background.
  • disabled: No video will play in the background.
  • Headphones or external speakers: Only if you are connected with headphones will the videos play in the background.

How to deactivate YouTube Premium

If you want cancel a YouTube Premium membership go to the dedicated page.

  • Press on Manage subscription.
  • Then on disable.
  • Click on Cancel.
  • Provide a reason and move on.
  • To finish click on Yes, cancel.

How YouTube works

UAF YouTube can be used in different ways. You can be a mere spectator and you can use the service without registration obligation, or you may need subscribe and create a channel to interact with other users and use YouTube from protagonist. There are no limits, except those dictated by the rules of the platform itself. The YouTube operation is quite simple if you want to do a search to listen to music, but it can be a bit more complex if you want to create a channel to upload your content and make money.

How to watch YouTube videos

Watching content on the platform is very simple. If you don't know what to watch, you just need to access the main page of the service to find some recommended contents and channels. For example, you can take a look at the overview of the most viewed videos, in the Trending section, you can browse the channels recommended by the platform or search for the best content divided by categories. If you are looking for a particular video, you can use the search bar above to search for it.

Once you have located the video you are interested in watching, to start playing it:

  • click on the title;
  • press on Play button to start it;
  • drag the slider to skip the playback forwards or backwards;
  • use i player buttons, Pause and Next, to stop the video or go to the next one;
  • click on the Volume button to mute the sound or drag the relative slider to increase or decrease the volume.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides

How to clear YouTube history

clear YouTube history you must access the dedicated page.

  • If you want to delete a specific video, you have to press on the "X" next to it.
  • clear the entire history, press on "clear all viewing history" on the right.
  • If you want suspend the history of views, always on the right side, press on "suspend viewing history ". This way, all the videos you watch will no longer appear in the history.

How to create a YouTube account

If you want create a YouTube account you are in the right place. The actions are few and simple:

  • You need to access the main page.
  • At the top right, tap on Log in.
  • Press on Create account.
  • Finally select For me (if it is a personal channel) or To manage my business (if it is a channel linked to a Company).

Create a channel from an Android or iPhone mobile phone

subscribe to YouTube from a mobile device, you must first download the YouTube application from the store.

  • Tap on the icon Account top right.
  • Then, click on Sign in.
  • Press the "+" to add a new account.

Add another YouTube account

If you already have an account, but want to create a new one, always open the application.

  • Click on Account at the top right.
  • Click on Change Account.
  • Finally press on Add account +.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides

How to create a YouTube channel and customize it

If you want create a YouTube channel to upload your videos and start earn, you are in the right place. If you want to share your content, you must first create an account and then customize it to make it as attractive as possible. It is not only important to upload successful videos, but also to give a good image of yourself. For this reason you need to think of a name for your channel and you must create custom covers and banners.

How to create YouTube banner and cover

You can create your own custom banner or cover in so many different ways. You can make them through programs installed on your computer (or smartphone) such as Photoshop, Gimp or Paint, or through online programs. If you are not too graphics-savvy, we recommend that you start with create the banner starting from an online site. Most of these sites, in fact, accompany you and guide you step by step in the implementation.

Among the sites that we recommend, there is Canva. Starting to create the graphic opens a very simple page, where you need to simply choose the things you like best and combine them in the best possible way. The program it's free, although it does offer some paid images and symbols.

Another simple one free program to creating YouTube covers is Crello. This also allows, with a few simple gestures, to access a series of customizable templates.

Once you've created your cover, you just have to upload it to YouTube:

  • Go to the main YouTube page.
  • Click on the symbol of your profile at the top right and click on "your channel".
  • Click on your channel cover and another page will open.
  • Scroll down the page to the section "Banner image"And press on"changes".

Change YouTube profile picture

change profile picture on YouTube

  • Go to the site.
  • Click on your profile symbol at the top right and click on "your channel".
  • Click on your channel cover.
  • On the page that opens, scroll down to the "Picture profile"And press on"changes".

How to change your name on YouTube

If you want change your name on YouTube, you need to change the name linked to the Google account. To do it:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio.
  • In the menu on the left, press Customization and then Basic information.
  • Press on Modification to update your channel name.
  • Enter the new description for the channel.
  • To finish, press on Public.

To change name from mobile:

  • Go to the mobile app, tap yours profile picture.
  • Awards Your channel.
  • In the right corner of the channel page, press Settings.
  • Right, press Modification.
  • Enter the updated name and press OK.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides

How to use it: upload, edit and delete a YouTube video

If you want to experience YouTube in 360 degrees, you can always do it for free. Uploading videos is free and anyone can do it, following the guidelines of the platform. If you want to become a content creator you just need a little creativity (and a few tools). If you want to know how to upload videos to YouTube, edit or delete them, you've come to the right place. YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides

How to upload videos to YouTube

If you want upload a video to YouTube, you have to:

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • Go to the top right and click on Create
  • Then press on Upload video
  • Select the file, or drag it directly from the folder

Once you have uploaded the video, remember to enter all the necessary information to make it visible in searches. The first thing to do is to enter basic information, such as the title Description and the thumbnail image. Decide on your target audience and playlist. Do not forget to insert adequate and characterizing tags for searches on the platform.

To publish the video immediately click on Public. If you want to program it instead, click on Program.

The duration of the videos you can upload to YouTube is maximum 15 minutes for unverified accounts. For those verified, however, the limitate is 12 hours or 128 GB (depending on which option is reached first).

Edit videos for YouTube

If you want edit videos uploaded to YouTube you have to access their management.

  • Go to the YouTube Studio page.
  • Press on Contents, on the left, and then select the video you want to edit.
  • Press on edit, in the black bar at the top and a drop-down menu will open. From here select the option you want to change.

Making YouTube videos: intros, music and equipment

making videos is not enough to create a YouTube channel, also serves a lot of imagination, a few tricks and a some equipment. Making a video is not easy and if you want to try your hand at this undertaking you must have a lot of patience and time available. Creating a video is not just about recording, but also look at, cut, compose. To start recording you need basic equipment that varies depending on what you want to produce. Let's say you want to make videogameplays. In this case you need a good computer or console and some software to record your screen. But if you want to create content with your video or voice, then you should think about buying some peripherals.

The first thing you need is a good microphone, nothing too expensive to start with, but that is as efficient as possible. Among the best microphones we recommend the Boya by-m1. The price is very low, but its qualities are excellent. Small, compact, fully compatible with Canon and Nikon mobile phones and cameras, and clean, excellent sound.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides Boya BY-M1 - 3,5mm Lavalier Condenser Microphone, ...
  • Clip microphone for smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, etc.
  • Omni directional condenser microphone
  • The high quality capacitor is ideal for video use
19,95 EUR Buy on Amazon

In addition to the microphone, you may also need one good camcorder. To start, if you have a good cell phone, you might want to try it out a bit. Often, in fact, the shooting quality may be sufficient for your purposes. If you want to increase the quality of your videos instead, you might think of buy a mirrorless like the Sony Alpha 6000L.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides Sony Alpha 6000L - Kit Photo Camera Digital Mirrorless con ...
  • Sony Mirrorless digital camera with APS-C CMOR Exmor 24.3 megapixel sensor
  • Kit with 16-50mm SEL lens
  • High resolution Tru-Finder OLED viewfinder
499,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

Among the equipment you need, in addition to a microphone and video camera, you may also find a ring light. You will find several Amazon, each designed for their own needs.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides Meromore Ring Light, 10 "LED Ring Light with Tripod ...
  • 【3 Light Modes & 10 Brightness Levels】 Dimmable LED ring light with 3 lighting modes: ...
  • 【Adjustable Ring Light & Phone Holder】 360 ° rotating ring light allows you to adjust the angle ...
  • 【Bluetooth remote control】 Bluetooth remote control allows you to control your mobile while shooting ...
17,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

How to delete a video on YouTube

If you want delete a video on YouTube, you need to sign in to YouTube Studio. Press on Contents, select the video and press Other actions. From the drop-down menu, click Delete permanently. YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides

How to share a YouTube video on social media

If you want share a video on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram you have to enter the video you want to send and press the button Share just under. A box will open in which to select the platform where to send the video. You can send it to the same YouTube friends, or you can send it as a message on other social networks. You can also share it as a Facebook post, all by selecting the linked icons.

If, on the other hand, you want send it as a simple link, awarded his Copy link and then paste it anywhere you want to save it.

Record from YouTube: how to do a live?

If you want broadcast live on YouTube you must not have had any restrictions on live in the past 90 days and you must have verified your channel. To verify your channel you will need enter your mobile number.

You can broadcast live on YouTube using a mobile phone, webcam, or encoder. Each of these three systems allows you to start a live stream on the platform, in a slightly different way. Smartphones and webcams are the simplest devices to use, while the encoder is the most complex. Let's see in detail what it is.

Make a live on YouTube through the webcam

To transmit with a webcam you need to enable live streaming on your channel. Also, make sure your web is compatible with Chrome version 60 and later and Firefox version 53 and later.
To be able to go live:

  • Log in to YouTube.
  • Click on Crea, top right.
  • Click on Trasmetti dal alive.
  • Select Webcam, to the left.
  • Enter the title and description and select a privacy setting. If you want, you can schedule your live stream for a later date.
  • Now press on Other options, Then Advanced settings.
  • Awards NEXT. At this point your web will take a photo for the thumbnail.
  • Check that you have selected the correct webcam and microphone.
  • Click on Trasmetti dal alive.
  • If you want to make changes to the stream, click on Modification. You can access the changes both before and during the live.
  • Once you are done, you can press on Stop Streaming located at the bottom right. If you have broadcast for less than 12 hours, your live stream will be archived automatically.,. If you want to access previous streams, you can do so from the Live tab.

Make a live on YouTube with your mobile

broadcast live streaming from mobile device, in addition to having no restrictions and having a verified account, you must:

  • Have almene 1000 iscritti.
  • You must have an Android 5.0 or iOS 8 or later device.

To start a live from your mobile you need to:

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Go up Crea, at the bottom and then up Broadcast live.
  • Remember that if it's your first mobile live, activation can take up to 24 hours. As soon as it is activated, however, you will be able to broadcast live.
  • Once activated and ready, follow the directions to create a live stream.
  • If you want to program it instead, click on More options.
  • To change the age limits, monetization, ect, click on More options, go to Show more and finally click Next.
  • Se you want to cast the smartphone screen, you have to press on Create channel and then on Share screen.
  • Press on Broadcast live.
  • To end the live broadcast, click on End. If the live stream is below the limits, it will be automatically archived.

schedule a live from smartphone, you have to:

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet.
  • Press on Crea and then Broadcast live.
  • Press on Calendar and select your live stream.
    Note: If you want to delete scheduled live streams, press the Delete button.
  • Finally, hit Broadcast Live.

Cameras for making videos on YouTube

To go live on YouTube, we recommend using a webcam or a mirrorless camera. Among the best devices we recommend one Sony Alpha 6000L which is perfectly suited to both video recording and direct.

YouTube: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - The Tech Princess Guides Sony Alpha 6000L - Kit Photo Camera Digital Mirrorless con ...
  • Sony Mirrorless digital camera with APS-C CMOR Exmor 24.3 megapixel sensor
  • Kit with 16-50mm SEL lens
  • High resolution Tru-Finder OLED viewfinder
499,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

How to delete a YouTube channel or hide it

If you want delete a YouTube channel (or just hide it) you need to perform a few simple steps. Remember that if you delete your channel, will come also deleted all Community posts, comments and replies.

Hide a channel

If you're not sure if you want to completely delete your YouTube channel, you can try hide to then make a decision at a later time. If you decide to hide your channel, the name, videos, likes, subscriptions and subscribers will remain private. Plus, all of yours give, they will be only archived and not deleted. To do it:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio.
  • Select Settings in the menu on the left.
  • Select Channel and then tap on Advanced Settings.
  • Press on Remove the contents of YouTube, which can be found at the end of the page. Careful, a page will open where you can delete or hide your channel. You may be asked to enter your login information.
  • Now you have to press on I want to hide my content.
  • Check the boxes to confirm what to hide on your channel.
  • Select Hide my channel.

In case you change your mind, you can always reactivate the channel.

Unsubscribe from YouTube

If you want eliminate completely yours channel from YouTube, you can do it. Remember, though, that by deleting it you will completely lose all content (videos, comments) and you will not be able to recover them. If you are sure then:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio.
  • Select Settings in the left menu.
  • Select Channel and then Advanced Settings.
  • Click on Remove YouTube content, found at the bottom (you may need to enter your login details).
  • Click on I would like to permanently delete my content.
  • Check the boxes to confirm that you intend to delete the channel.
  • Press on Delete my content.

This whole operation takes some time, so you may still be viewing your channel for a few hours / days. Once the deletion has been processed, the URL and channel name will no longer be visible or available for research on YouTube Analytics. Data associated with the channel, such as watch time, will be present in aggregated reports, but will not be directed to the deleted channel.

Re-enable a hidden channel

To activate a channel previously hidden you have to access YouTube and press on Create a channel. Fill out the form that is proposed to you and at the end you will have restored your channel.

How to make money on YouTube and become famous

becoming famous on YouTube there is no single winning formula. However, you can take some measures and precautions that allow you to earn and start your career on the platform. Before proceeding and bestowing some tips, let's explain what are the methods to earn on UAF YouTube e how much you earn for each service offered. Increase views and therefore increase your income, will be a consequence. First you need to create your own YouTube channel, once done you are ready to go.

Make money with YouTube

To start earning with YouTube you have to activate the monetization on your channel. Remember that not all videos are suitable, to do so they must meet some requirements. Monetization isn't the only way you can get money through YouTube, though. In order to start monetizing by becoming Partners YouTube, it's not enough to create a YouTube channel, but you must having reached 10000 total views. This data is obtained by adding all the videos of the channel. If you meet this requirement, YouTube will review your membership. If successful, you can start earning.

To make money on YouTube, you can also make use ofaffiliate marketing. This is a good way to make money. You can, for example, use blogs to insert your links and you can target your users via a video on YouTube. You can do the same via the video description on your channel. Inserting an affiliate link allows you to earn something from what you post.

How much do you earn with YouTube?

Surely, in life, you will have asked yourself how much you earn with YouTube. Obviously salaries vary based on multiple factors, however, on average, the Most channels get around $ 0,5 for every 1000 views. The price can also go up to a maximum of $ 2, depending on the content and the author.

Become famous with YouTube and increase views

To earn and become famous on the platform you have to have many subscribers and many views, but how can you increase YouTube views? In reality, there is no real formula for success. Certainly, however, commitment, dedication and interesting content, are the basis for creating a winning channel.

First of all you have to create a YouTube channel and then you have to propose the right content, but how to do it? To know what people are interested in knowing, you can make use of Google Trends which helps you to know the major searches of your potential audience. Once you know the topics, you can submit your videos about it. A good way is also to "spy" on your competitors, to see their proposals.

Once you have decided the topic it is time to create interesting videos. This is the most complicated part. The most difficult thing, in fact, is to propose something new, but at the same time refined. To do this you need to create your formula. Self you want to become famous on YouTube, DON'T it suits you emulate somebody else. Instead, you have to create your own way of presenting individual arguments. Use captivating and explanatory titles. If you are making a video to explain a topic, try to be as clear as possible. Think about the audience you want to dedicate yourself to and propose something that is different and characterizes you.

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

If you are trying to understand how to get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube e earn, you are in the right place. In order to start monetizing you need to create a YouTube channel that is not only functional, but also beautiful to look at. Consistency is needed, but also a good first impression. How do I make my channel look compelling? To make a good first impression, remember to upload one description of you, who you are and what you talk about on your channel.

Once you have decided what kind of content you are going to publish, remember to think about a trailer for your channel. Record a video that explains as much as possible what your intentions are and what types of content people will find before their eyes. To set up a channel trailer on YouTube, connect to the YouTube Studio section and click on the section channel customization. Press on Magic wand (located on the left), click on Add in the section Channel trailer for unsubscribed users and select the video you would like to be shown.

Another important step is the determination. In order for people to come back and not forget about you, you have to publish content with some consistency. Prepare a lineup of topics and a calendar of publications. The more content there is, the more the YouTube community will remember your videos.
Oltre a questo always remember to read the comments below your videos. You have to reply to your community and your users, to give them the feeling that they can come back to ask you questions. By answering their questions and also by helping them, you can create a stable community that will continue to follow you.

How to increase subscribers on YouTube

To increase subscribers on YouTube, you can act in two different ways: free or paid. If you want increase subscribers on YouTube for free, you have to try to create wanted videos and then post your link making use of other social networks. First, you need to create a YouTube channel specific to your needs and then do one of Google Trends to understand what your audience is looking for. Other than that you can make use of YouTube suggestions, simply by starting to write the topic you would like to talk about. For example, let's say you want to talk about technology. On the YouTube search bar, start typing the keyword you'd like to cover, such as “microphone for”. Wait for YouTube to suggest the best topics searched for that keyword and that's it.

If that's not enough, you can too increase paid YouTube subscribers. In this case you should rely on advertising systems with some costs. Among the options you can resort to advertising your video through YouTube Ads, or use specific pages on which to get sponsored. You can, for example, contact some influencers, and ask if they can sponsor your videos on their pages. Be careful to choose the right person. Check that he has a following with a lot of interaction and that, indeed, his recommendations to other external pages are taken into account by his own following.

If, on the other hand, you want to follow a more traditional method for increase YouTube subscribers you can make use of YouTube Ads. This is a Google service that allows you to advertise in different ways. This is an excellent service, as specific sponsorships can be created.

Warmly it is not recommended, however, to purchase bots a payments.

Advertising helps increase views

Another important step for increasing YouTube views is advertising. Creating a YouTube channel is not enough. Whenever you enter a new video, at the bottom, don't forget to add a reference to the previous videos. Do the same with the descriptions if it is an inherent video. Always invite users to subscribe, to activate notifications and maybe to comment. Your followers can give you advice or make requests that may also meet the needs of others.

You can do it advertising also using other social networks. Don't forget to share your content on Facebook, Instagram or maybe send the video to your friends on WhatsApp. Try to promote your channel, speak at related events or trade shows. There is no limit to this. Word of mouth is the most important part to make yourself known.

Uses also tags and keywords, but be careful. Do not insert tags inherent or unsuitable keywords. This will penalize viewing of your content. Always try to be specific and to the point. Best describe what you are about to tell, describe it accurately. Detailed, yet concise and specific.

Bonus 1: how to download YouTube videos

If you want download a video that you uploaded yourself on your channel, you need to log in to YouTube Studio. Press on Contents, select the video and press Other actions. From here you can download the video you are interested in.

You can download videos from YouTube also using the YouTube Premium service which costs € 11,99 per month and offers you some advantages, such as the local download of all the videos on the platform.

If you want download a YouTube video for free that has not been uploaded to your channel, you need to make use of some programs. There are some programs to download on your PC, or some directly online. Among the most used are: noTube e SaveFrom. Among the software to install we recommend: VLC and 4K Video Downloader.

I the former are online services and allow you, simply by accessing their pages, to download the content. To do this, just paste the link of the video you want to download. There quality it can go up all’HD, but, to get it, you need to subscribe.

To use 4K Video Downloader devi download the program on your computer. You can download it directly from the official page. Once installed, enter the link of the video you want to download and choose the resolution. The service is free, but some features are paid.

VLC is a program that allows you to play videos on the PC. Inside, however, it also offers the download function from YouTube. You can download it directly from the official page. To download a video go to Media, Open Network Stream and paste the video URL. Then go to Tools, Media Info, copy the string to Location and then hit Enter. Once you see the video, right click and select “proceed with the download of the media file”.

Bonus 2: the YouTube story

YouTube is a platform which has existed for many years now. It is very popular and well known, but where did it come from? Who made it? Has creating a YouTube channel and sharing videos always been your goal? If you want to know the history of YouTube, you are in the right place.

When YouTube was born and what YouTube had to be before

YouTube was born in 2005, namely the 14 February. The brilliant minds behind its creation are C.had Hurley, Jawed Karim e Steve Chen. The three boys had, in the past, worked for PayPal.
Il April 23, 2005 the first was uploaded YouTube video by Jawed Karim himself, who was also the first to create a YouTube channel. Me at the zoo was published at 20:27. It was a very short video, only lasting 18 seconds, with protagonist Jawed in front of an elephant enclosure. The setting is the San Diego Zoo, California.

YouTube then had an exponential increase. In June of 2006 counted 100 million videos, while it reached the milestone of 1 billion visitors on June 23, 2007. On October 10, 2006, YouTube was purchased from Google for 1,65 billions of dollars.

YouTube has been available in Italian since May 14, 2007.

YouTube began as a video sharing platform and has remained so to this day. Creating a YouTube channel has always been possible and uploading videos has always been easy. But starting in 2006, the platform started deleting copyright-infringing videos. The number is around 100, but it continues to increase whenever the rules are broken. Users who do not respect the limits, get a suspension from the platform.

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