MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?

  • MINI 5-door: still the same, but more practical (and less stylish)
  • MINI 5 Door
  • MINI Convertible: the most exquisite, unexpectedly rational MINI
  • MINI Cabrio
  • MINI Clubman: halfway between a station wagon and a compact, with style to spare
  • MINI Clubman
  • MINI Countryman: the most versatile and spacious MINI
  • MINI Countryman
  • Which MINI to choose: we told you, and you?
  • Having dealt with the history of the British car together more famous of all time and having seen the impact it has had in the world of cinema, video games and TV, today we talk about the present day and a concrete topic: which MINI to choose? The models that the British manufacturer offers are now several, from the MINI Cooper to the MINI Countryman, and understand which one is right for you it can be complex. But how, there is not only one?

    This question had the same answer for 50 years old, from '59 to 2006. In fact (cabrio or "Estate" / Station wagon versions derived from the original car removed) both the classic MINI and its first reincarnation under the aegis of BMW had one interpret.
    Over the past 15 years, however, the brand MINI has evolved. Now we have in fact come to 5 models within the range, each with their own personality different, and with a specific clientele to which they turn.

    But chat to the bands, and let's go to explore in detail all 5 models in the MINI range!

    The points in common: family feeling, platforms and infotainment

    Despite being 5 rather distinct models, in reality all MINIs, from the 3-door to the Countryman, have what's this in common.
    The first thing that catches your eye is the design.

    Two great "big eyes"Frontal and one grid central of discrete dimensions: these two design elements are signs badges of the House of Oxford since 1959.
    even the windscreen slightly inclined, the roof parallel to the ground and the interior with the large "tondo”Which incorporates the infotainment system in the center of the dashboard. These are typical features of design MINI, found on all the cars in the range.

    The aesthetic similarities will also be many, but the similarities are even greater mechanical.
    All le MINI, in fact, they are built on the itself platform ON di BMW on which the new one is also based Series 1, to name one.

    This allows for a rather mechanical basis refined (independent suspension on all four wheels) and one dinamica di guide very clean on each model in the range.
    Finally, the system of infotainment it is the same for all the MINIs examined.
    Available in various sizes and with various features, the basis for all of them is excellent BMW iDrive, called here MINI Connected.
    The Bavarian system is among the best on the market for fluidity, graphics and functionality, and on MINI it is taken up in full by the German sisters, with an aesthetic make-up that makes it more fun and youthful.

    MINI 3 doors: the most classic, the purest

    Let's start with our guide on which MINI to choose starting with the most classic of MINI: the 3 DoorsCalled Hatch in English-speaking markets.
    This version is the first release on the market of the new MINI model family.
    La F56 (this is its project name) saw the light in 2014, replacing the popular R56, produced from 2006 until 2014.
    It received a makeover in 2018, which gave it new gearboxes, slight engine improvements and several aesthetic components.
    This model LCI (acronym used in the BMW world to indicate the version that has undergone a restyling) will be what we will deal with today.

    Dimensions and aesthetics: the largest 3-door ever… but it's still small

    This new F56 it is the largest hatch in MINI history. It is indeed long 3,82 m, virtually 20 cm longer of the first modern MINI, the R50/53, it's almost 80 cm more than "nonna"Of 1959.
    It remains, however, exceptionally small: one Folk tales Polo, in fact, it is more than 20 cm more long!

    THEelegance and refinement in style they remain cornerstones of the MINI experience.
    The front, in fact, is indisputably MINI, with the chrome grille generous in size and large fari tondi, with daylight circular a LED of great effect. Also of excellent workmanship fari Full LED optional, among the most powerful in its segment.

    Laterally we find the now classic line di belt horizontal, with the chromed strip to underline the linear trend. This matches the roof completely parallel to the asphalt and regular, connected to a compact tail and a much less inclined windshield than usual.
    The touch of class now typical of the MINI 3-door is the door without frames of the windows, sporty and elegant.

    At the rear, moreover, we find two large vertical lights, as per tradition, which with the restyling of a year ago have earned a luminous signature which resumes the Union Jack, the British flag. At first glance it may seem tacky or exaggerated, but at night they give the new MINIs a appearance tremendously recognizable, elegant ed evocative.

    There is no doubt: if you want a real MINI, even though this new version is very different from its ancestor or previous ones, you have to contact the 3 Doors, the true healthy carrier of the MINI genes.

    Habitability: in the small barrel there is good wine… for two

    Let's dispel a widespread myth.
    Since the first MINI by BMW in 2001, MINIs have been said to be small, not very spacious and not drivable by tall people.
    Well, we can assure you that this is not the case: even well above the meter and 80 in height, in fact, the position di guide è perfect.
    Lo space there is and how, both in height (aided by the curious proportions and by the anything but narrow height of the roof) and width. The seat is placed in bass, much more than other rivals, such as the 500, and the steering wheel and seat adjustments allow you to cucirsi on one nice location di guide, relaxed and rather sporty.
    La visibility è excellent thanks to the large windows, and the large doors allow even those who are not too fit to find a seat without effort.

    The sore point, as you can guess, comes behind the front seats.
    If, in fact, the two front occupants enjoy great space and comfort, the same cannot be said for the two rear passengers.
    The problem, for our two occupants, is not neither at the level of shoulders nor at the level of forehead: in these two directions, in fact, the 3 Porte guarantees a excellent level di space, exceeding expectations.
    Problems lie for piedi e legs.
    The compartments for the feet, in fact, are small and divided by a large central tunnel with a bulky cup holder, and knee room is ok only if people sit under 1,70m in front. If whoever is in front is taller ... space is acceptable, but nothing more.

    Il trunk follows this trend. The vano is very regular and exploitable, it space in practice it is above expectations, and for a weekend for two that's enough.
    I 185 liters, however, they cannot do Miracles: if you have children, a normal stroller will hardly find room.

    The interior: a quality lounge environment

    Since 1959, the interiors of the little Englishwoman have been an example of style, with elements that we still find today, such as the large circular element in the center of the dashboard where the speedometer, remained until the last modern MINI series.

    If, however, until the previous generation, the large "round" mainly housed the speedometer, today the situation is slightly different.

    Il instrument panel has been moved in its entirety behind al steering wheel, in one more position traditional.
    In this position, however, the tools turn out to be a little' too small e difficult da read: a feature common to every MINI today.
    In place of the speedometer there is one of several systems di infotelematica, borrowed directly from the "cousins" BMW.
    And this "loan" could not be more advantageous: in fact, the system MINI Connected (Aka BMW iDrive) is among the better systems of infotaiment in circulation.

    Flowing, fast, intuitive and full of functionality, it can be controlled both via touch screen than with the now iconic rotor center placed between the two front seats.

    Lo refined style ed elegance that we find outside, is also found once seated inside.
    Le lines, in fact, they are cured e refined, with materials di good level almost everywhere, even if not excellent.
    Like any MINI, the basis is quite gaunt, while drawing from the list of options you can have them goodies from higher segment cars.
    For example, lo screen central reaches beyond 10 inch, there are several variant of sedili in skin, all of excellent quality, and the level ofinterior lighting is truly remarkable: it can even be reproduced with interior lighting la Union Jack on part of the dashboard.

    On the road: calling the “Go-kart feeling” buzzer, it's still at home

    If for many MINI rhymes with elegance, refinement and style, for some it rhymes with "go-kart feeling".
    In fact, since the 60s, the small MINIs revealed themselves surprisingly beautiful da to drive, reactive ed agile like few, as evidenced by the 3 victories al Rally di Montecarlo.

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    The versions of the New Millennium did not let themselves be begged, and in the 2000s they brought back the grandmother's “go-kart feeling”. That is, a 'agility e maneuverability rare, combined with one steering direct e communicative, ready engines e commands e suspensions basically hard.

    Of all the MINIs under consideration, the 3-Door is the one that most of all maintains this essenza.
    Despite having been "civilized"By the English engineers, theagility and maneuverability of the MINIs of the past is still present. The step very short, the independent suspension on the four wheels and a weight relatively content make the Hatch agile in the narrow mixed, where, however, it is less incisive than the previous ones, and one incredible stability on the fast, with one communicative steering, direct e accurate, with feedback returned to the driver that you connects by car.
    The rear here is more stable e predictable than in previous generations, where the oversteer in release era faithful companion and sometimes rather rude. Here in the curve stability really commendable, but if you want exploit a little bit the pull-release (still very present), even when these controls are inserted let you have fun not a little, even on the One and Cooper.

    When you want to go rest assured, however, this F56 clearly stands out from its older sisters.
    The first MINIs, in fact, were a lot funny to drive as much as rather grumpy in everyday life.
    Here, the setup is yes compound ma DON'T more back splitter, especially on the "normal" versions, and also the various ones commands (steering, brakes, clutch) are more soft and linear. L'soundproofingfinally did passivated da giant: now at motorway speeds you are not far from the levels of the BMW 1 Series, to stay at home.
    An incredible result considering the aerodynamics that are not really very efficient!

    The engines: all turbo, all performing and not very thirsty

    Another thing that MINIs are famous for is the best before date. Between a driving dynamics that leads to pushing more than necessary, motors not just historic houses parks e aerodynamics "Da brick"I consumption of some Cooper S of a few years ago are superior to today Porsche 911.

    Be careful not to make a common mistake. In fact, on all BMW and MINI engines, the words "TwinPower Turbo". This, however, on many engines (all those mounted on the MINI) DON'T means "biturbo". Instead it means that all engines are equipped with turbine a geometry variable!

    This generation, however, constitutes one pleasant exception.
    There are 2 in fact i engines available for the MINI Hatch, powered only by petrol, all turbo and declined in different powers.
    As regards the diesel engines, from the 1 June 2019 DON'T I am more available on the MINI 3 and 5 door and on the Convertible. The 1.5 3-cylinder turbodiesel of the One D and Cooper D and the mighty 2.0hp 4 170-cylinder of the Cooper SD have fallen victim to today's crusade against diesel engines, but still available on Clubman and Countryman.

    We then start with theexcellent 1.5 3-cylinder petrol, declined in three: powers: the One 55kW, from 75 CV (specific version for novice drivers), the One from 102 hp and the cooper from 136 hp.
    It is a great engine efficient, which vibrates very little and already on One da 102 CV It's whippy (0-100 is under 10 seconds).
    La M, however, it is a version as much as ever transversalI consumption are bassi (15 km / l can be reached without any effort), le performance are excellent (the 0-100 is covered in 7,9 seconds) and the lightness of the 3-cylinder really makes it funny da to drive.
    La difference between Cooper and Cooper S DON'T it's more like that marked as in the past with regard to driving pleasure.

    A step up there are the M S e John Cooper Works. They are equipped with the engine 2.0 4-cylinder turbo da 192 e 231 hp, and they appeal to a decidedly audience sports.
    No has more that fame di giri of 1.6 with volumetric compressor of R53 or the "ignorant" push of the 1.6 turbo of the R56. The pair (To 300 e 320 Nm on S and JCW) is in fact available since 1500 giri, and the maximum power is a 5000 giri: regimes e behavior very "diesel-style".
    The Cooper S and JCW are more capable, fluid and much more linear in the thrust, perhaps less adrenaline but more effective e veloci that never.

    As regards the you change, in addition to the classic (and excellent) manual a 6 marches standard on all, we find as an option a classic gearbox automatic a 8 reports area of Aisin on the JCW (not the best on the square), while on One, Cooper e cooper S we find a new gearbox automatic a double clutch and 7 gears, very fast, smooth and precise.

    Which MINI to choose: the 3-door

    The 3 Porte, without a doubt the most MINI of all. Small, light, manageable is super stylish. It is undoubtedly a car that can not be theonly of a family, and the only 3 doors and limited space for rear passengers and luggage DON'T it makes it suitable a all.

    For those, however, who are looking for an extremely car bella da to drive and see, handy ed elegance, it can be there choice right.

    Il better engine? The M is the most balanced: it consumes the right amount, it is really snappy and fun and it has good value for money. If you don't get carried away with the options, in fact, the Cooper starts from about 23 thousand euros, with quite an endowment already complete. Remember, however, to spend at least 850 euros for the Full LED front and rear headlight package: without the rear Union Jack, it's not the same thing!

    For those who want the true MINI essence, there are Cooper S e JCW, which however no longer have that great plus in terms of driving compared to the Cooper.

    MINI 3 Door

    For MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • Successful and personal aesthetics
    • Fun and communicative in driving
    • Thousands of customization possibilities
    • Plenty of space in front ...
    Cons MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • ... but narrow behind and for luggage
    • Too many options for a fee
    • Limited practicality

    Recommended for: Young people, those who love to drive, those who want a small car but do not want to give up performance and equipment

    Prices: starting from 18.000 euros for the One 55kW.

    MINI 5-door: still the same, but more practical (and less stylish)

    After having talked in depth about the Hatch, let's see together the MINI Plus controversial on the market today: the MINI 5 Door.

    Many ask: "Because have they done it? ”, and the answer is also visible in the rivals. Competitors, in fact, the only to also offer the 3 ports and the PARTY. All other segment B only have 5-door variants.
    The 5 doors make the car more practice, comfortable e usable, without, usually, take away sportsmanship or factor aesthetic.
    For this, the MINI Hatch does lengthens di 15 cm, it grows two small rear doors e a few cm for luggage and rear passengers.

    Dimensions and aesthetics: small, but big… and the frames?

    Length grows to 3 meters and 98, step increases than the little sister of more than 7cm and, consequently, the proportions aesthetic change.
    The MINI 5 Doors up to front pillar it's practically identical to the younger sister, after the latter, however, things change a lot of.
    La door front, indeed yes shortens to make room for a small rear door that gives access to 3 rear seats (one more than the 3 Porte, which stops at 4 seats).

    The doors themselves, however, they earn la classic metal frame around the windows, which, due to the strict forms of the roof and pillars, are quite squared off ed pointed.
    This detail which seems secondary changes much theaesthetics of the car, which buys a less sporty look it's more… normal.

    Il back remains unchanged, with large Union Jack rear lights and central exhaust in the Cooper S.
    Ultimately, once you have "made the call" with the rear doors, it is perfectly fine recognizable like a MINI, even if the more important dimensions the make less bad and more familiar ed cozy.

    Habitability: more spacious behind, but it is not a Fiorino

    Obviously all this 5 door adaptation work was done with only one goal in mind: increase space e practicality..
    Although they are not particularly large, the rear doors allow aaccessibility more easy to the rear seats. In addition, in everyday life, the presence of the rear doors allows you to place bags, jackets and small objects on the rear seats.

    The addition of the small doors, however, does not improve too much the situation on the rear seats.
    The extra 7 cm of wheelbase, in fact, only slightly increases the space for the passengers' legs, making travel in the rear seats comfortable only if the occupants are not excessively tall. Furthermore, the space in width is not increased, thus making it possible to accommodate 3 people behind only in the case of children.

    A final problem arises with the addition of the two rear doors, typical of all the 5-door B segment. To house them, in fact, it was necessary shorten le front doors, which now turn out rather small.
    No problem if you go to the gym and you are small in build, but if you exceed the meter and 85 and / or have an XL size, you will find theentry rather hold.
    Finally, due to theadvancement of post Central, the highest on some occasions will have the visibility obstructed da quest'ultimo.

    The trunk finally grows well 67 liters, coming to 278, a size that allows excellent versatility in everyday life.

    The interior: practically unchanged compared to the 3 Doors

    All 'internal the MINI 5 Doors, as you can guess, resumes al 99% the furnishings of the 3 Porte.
    So we find the same lounge environment and class, with the addition of the two rear door panels, equipped with electric windows serial on all versions.

    Taken from the 3 Porte is also the "give us a call or send an e-mail“, The multifunction central light ring located on the outside of the infotainment housing.

    This apparently simple "tube”Of bright LEDs has multiple functions very interesting.
    In addition to being able to give brightness to the passenger compartment, this ring indicates, among other things, the level of the volume temperature of air conditioning, i giri of engine and distance from obstacles when activating i sensors di parcheggio.
    Also, yes illumina di blu when a call comes in, and can be set to create games di light very nice.
    It may seem like bullshit at first, but it turns out to be one feature not only beautiful, but also discreetly useful.

    The guide: similar to the sister, but not the same

    All projects guide, the similarities with the 3 Porte are many.
    La mechanics, in fact, it is practically there itself, And the answers steering, gearbox and chassis are almost unchanged.
    THEassetto è slightly more soft on versions "normal”To ensure a little more comfort.
    The Cooper S, on the other hand, maintains the very rigid structure of its smaller sister.

    The longer stride makes it slightly less agile between the curves, but Migliora further the stability old speed.
    Also, the step increase made the car less abrupt e grumpy, making the reactions al pull-release much more simple and less unpredictable, but also more ampie and fun to exploit.

    Engines: range unchanged

    The MINI 5 Doors is available with the same engines area of 3 Doors, with the exception of the John Cooper Works, which is not offered with this body.
    So the 1.5 3-cylinder with 75, 102 and 136 HP and the 2.0 with 192 HP are present on the little English car, with the absence of diesels that continues even on the most spacious of the small MINIs.

    Which MINI to choose: the 5-door

    Due to its more versatile nature and the likelihood of traveling frequently with many passengers, the advice we give you is to to consider i engines more potenti and not to consider the 55kW, which would suffer with many passengers and would not give a too satisfying driving experience.
    Plus the 5 Doors Weighs on average 70 kg in more compared to the 3 Doors, not many but enough to put the less powerful engines in difficulty at full load.
    Here too cooper from 136 hp represents a nice compromise between performance, running costs and consumption, and that's what we recommend.
    Finally, the prices are around 900 euros higher to an equivalent 3-Door.

    In case, however, you did many km su highway or ring road and often traveled to full load, we advise you to look among the cars a km0 available in dealerships with diesel engines.
    La MINI Cooper D (equipped with a 1.5 3-cylinder turbodiesel from 116 CV) is Cooper SD (2.0 4-cylinder from 170 CV), in fact, until June 1st they were available on 3 and 5 Doors.
    Thanks to their great torque, already available at very low rpm, if you travel a lot and with many people on board they can be one choice really apt.

    The MINI 5-Door is a very good one mate di all i giorni if you have always wanted a MINI but because of its lack of practicality you have never been able to have one and today it does not need too much space.
    Compared to the previous Clubman (the one with the side door) it is much more practical, and the two rear doors help a lot in everyday life. If you have to bring children o friends around the city without giving up al go-kart feeling, the 5 Porte can be the choice right.
    Lo space, However, DON'T it is so so much, And the front doors size S they can put in difficulties the biggest drivers.
    If you are looking for a MINI for real spacious, better look at Clubman and Countryman, but if the space available is right for you, it's a compromise that you will please definitely.

    MINI 5 Door

    For MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • Driving fun unchanged compared to the 5-door
    • Style that remains iconic
    • Increase convenience ...
    Cons MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • ... but it remains small
    • Slightly less agile in the strait
    • Reduced front visibility and accessibility for taller riders

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Sportive mothers, those who want a small MINI with a little more practicality

    Prices: from 19 euros for the MINI One 000kW.

    MINI Convertible: the most exquisite, unexpectedly rational MINI

    The third MINI in question is the tastiest and least sensible of the range Made in Oxford, Or the MINI Cabrio.

    The small convertible is derivative from 3 Doors, of which it takes a great part of its characteristics.
    So let's focus on the small ones differences and any renunciations to do to think of having one as an everyday car little discovery like the MINI Convertible.

    Exteriors: always among the most balanced discoveries with the hood closed

    4-seater convertibles have always had a problem: with the hood open, I am belle ed fascinating, with the hood closedinstead, much of theirs charm vanishes.
    Since it was proposed by BMW in 2004, however, the MINI Cabrio it is among the non-spider discoveries (which, we recall, are the cars with a removable roof with only 2 seats) plus belle ed balanced.

    In fact, the soft top you go to integration very well with the soft but very geometric line of the MINI "with the roof", creating aaesthetics very pleasant.
    The roof is strictly in fabric, with different colors and textures. Very characteristic and impressive plot of the hood that resumes la Union Jack, available to 650 €.

    Interior: very few differences with the closed sisters

    Inside, the differences between the Convertible and the other MINIs they really are laughable.
    It adds to the usual internal kit that we already know one small swim platform placed above the central rear-view mirror where the command to raise and lower the hood.

    The soft top opens in 18 seconds and up to a speed of 30 km/h, with the gem of being able to be open just partially, to enjoy a kind of traditional sunroof, but of canvas.
    La hood and of excellent quality and workmanship, capable of isolate very well from the outside when in closed position.
    The rear window is also thermal, and the air conditioning He is able to to understand when the hood is closed or open, and to regulate the flows accordingly.

    For the rest, the interiors are almost unchanged, with the characteristics common to other “compact” MINIs.
    For example, theinput andpower on of the engine keyless and of series on all versions.
    The ignition is then delegated to one red lever very scenographic in the center of the rocker controls to "set the powder on fire".

    Habitability and space: sacrifices for rear passengers and visibility

    As regards the space on board and thehabitability, for front passengers the waivers are zero.
    The space available for driver and passenger, in fact, is not in the least affected by the presence of the hood.

    The same cannot be said for i passenger rear. THE leveraggi and engines that move the roof, in fact, are positioned at sides of the rear part of the passenger compartment, reducing a little bit space in width available to passengers. For feet and head, however, the space available is practically unchanged compared to the 3 Porte.

    What changes the most, however, is the visibility. THE windows posterior and the rear window, in fact, they are smaller of the 3 Porte, and the hood, when folded, yes lay on top the trunk, going to block the driver's rear view.
    Nothing dramatic, however, compared to the pleasure of being able to travel practically 365 days a year with the wind in your hair!

    Finally, the trunk DON'T è lowercase. They are indeed 160 i liters available, accessible via a flap aesthetically splendid.
    This hood "on the contraryReveals one limited space in height due to the presence of the hood but able to lodge a trolley da cabin without major problems.
    Finally, if the hood is closed you can raise up la bottom of the hood to have 30 cm in more tall to put your luggage!

    Engines: nothing "open" new drivers

    I engines are the themselves area of 3 Doors, with the exception ofassenza area of One 55 kW. Nothing version for i novice drivers then, we start from the One and then arrive at the JCW, which has always been proposed in a convertible version.

    Driving: heavier, but still fun

    At the wheel, the MINI Convertible does not lose his go-kart feeling, which however comes sweetener by the presence of the hood.
    Indeed, the Convertible Weighs on average over 100 kg more of an equivalent 3-Door. This makes it a little less agile between curves and slightly less reactive, but between convertible remains among the most funny da to drive.
    Il frame, in fact, despite the loss of the roof it remains decidedly drive e accurate, as well as the steering and the suspension, both of which are moderately rigid.

    In the guide di all i giorni, the small English Cabrio does not force to great sacrifices, rather.
    THEexperience of use is the itself of the 3 Porte, with the added value of being able to enjoy driving en plein air whenever you want.

    Which MINI to choose: the Convertible

    The MINI Convertible is not cheap: they are needed at least 24.300 euros to take home one One with 102 hp.
    No it is definitely one choice rational, is one whim but does not force a renunciations details compared to the 3 Doors.

    If you do not have a great need for rear seats and you live in an area of ​​Italy with great periods of sunshine and, possibly, the sea as a side dish is among the discoveries more versatile and capable.
    It is also theonly small convertible with a hood in full removable, plus not just if you are looking for a car of this kind.
    To be chosen possibly with a rather powerful engine, due to the increase in weight, perhaps the MINI Cooper S to enjoy her sound di exhaust.
    But if yours ideal use is that of long walks on the promenade and on scenic roads, the little one 1.5 area of One da 102 hp pushes well the convertible and that's enough silent to be able to put in contact with the nature surrounding.

    MINI Cabrio

    For MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • A unique open-air experience in this price range
    • Always fun and engaging driving
    • Among the convertibles, the most practical in everyday life
    Cons MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?

    Recommended for: those who live in sunny and possibly seaside areas, for those who want to get rid of the whim of a convertible without too many sacrifices

    Prices: starting from 24.300 euros for the One 102 CV

    MINI Clubman: halfway between a station wagon and a compact, with style to spare

    The next MINI we're going to talk about is there more particular of the range, namely the Clubman.

    Long 4,27 m, larga ben 1 meter and 80 is tall 1,44 m is considered by MINI as the Station Wagon of the range.
    The size, however, puts it in competition with the compact di Segment C such as Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series itself.
    Let's see what this can offer small intersection between one medium sedan it's a SW!

    Aesthetics: either you love it or you hate it

    The version "familiare”Of the MINI has always been, since the launch of the first generation in 2008, a lot chat.
    There are those who loved that particular and square aesthetic, while those who simply could not stand it, considering it all style and no substance.

    For this new generation, MINI has changed many things: at the rear there are, finally, two doors normal. So goodbye to the particular solution of a single rear door hinged on the contrary, it never happens completely.

    Il front resumes up closeaesthetics of the smaller MINIs, but it is obvious la difference in width.
    They are indeed 7 i cm more in width, Which is they notice in the front and in the space that is created between mask e fari front. The outcome it's a front certainly recognizable, but wider and a little "wacky“: You have to get used to it a little, but then it will always be the same MINI.

    Il Profile è definitely more successful compared to the previous generation.
    Here the boxy look of the English girl goes very well with a familiar version, creating a Jimi Hendrix da sporty wagon very interesting. The chrome-plated window line practically parallel to the roof and asphalt leads to the rear area, where the Clubman unveils its biggest peculiarity: il tailgate.

    In fact, the SW Englishman brings as a dowry a split rear hatch on both sides, with the two doors can be opened separately.
    It is also theunique MINI equipped horizontal headlights, and the first to have i fari su the two levels.
    In fact, not everyone knows that the part mounted on the doors is only used a light di position, also available in version Full LED e Union Jack-style.
    On the rear bumper, however, there is one second line di fari (halogen) including brake, reverse and turn signal lights.

    The aesthetics resulting from this particular solution of the double door posterior splits the considerations in two: either the which, or the odes. It is up to you to find your place in this dispute.

    The interior: for the first time, a center console!

    As far as the interior, the similarities with all other MINIs are there, but here for the first time theenvironment changes a little'.

    In fact, the vents of the air squares, the shape of the plank is different, and debut a Central console more wide it's a central tunnel us armrest e Cup holder.
    These two elements are one absolute first on a MINI, and make the interior more mature e less playful.
    The materials used are also of higher quality, with wider use of soft plastics e finishes di merit such as aluminum and wood.

    As for the instrument panel, available options and infotainment, however, the differences with the younger sisters are much less.
    Like the others, in fact, the infotainment allows you to have Apple CarPlay also in version wireless, but DON'T Android Auto.

    For all users Android it could certainly be a nuisance, even if the goodness of the iDrive system does not make you regret the Big G system.
    Furthermore, BMW has repeatedly said that does not exclude that sooner or later too Android Auto can jump aboard his cars.

    READ ALSO: Apple CarPlay wireless: list of compatible cars without cable

    Habitability and space: style that does not overwhelm functionality

    From the outside, looking at the MINI Clubman one might think of a car as standing on the altar of one refined style ha sacrificed space e practicality..

    In fact, it forms like this squared off area of wagon British allow a good exploitation of spazi available, both in favor of passenger that gods bagagli.
    Al back, in fact, the large ones porter give access to a wide sofa able to accommodate two people very comfortably, and even three are not uncomfortable.

    At the rear, then, we find a trunk da 360 liters, the same as the rear-wheel drive BMW 1 Series, and that's a lot regular in the forms.
    It is therefore exceptionally exploitable, except for one detail. The double tailgate, in fact, if you have little room to maneuver it almost makes it impossible theaperture ee operations of load.

    At the front, the two occupants really find a lot space available, one low seat e expanse like the other MINIs and very good visibility in almost all directions.
    Almost however, because the double hatch has the chiusura exactly al center of rear window, obstructing the rear view a little.
    It creates some problems at first, but with a little bit of habit becomes plus one peculiarities that a drawback.

    Engines: diesels strongly resist, and the JCW is the most powerful ever

    From the point of view of the engines available, the Clubman it takes up part of the smaller MINI range, but makes some changes.
    As for the engines petrol, the range is almost unchanged. In fact, we find the One and Cooper with the 1,5 from 102 and 136 hp and the Cooper S.
    The latter, however, is available both with front-wheel drive and with All4 all-wheel drive.
    This all-wheel drive system is first used on a non-SUV MINI, and is also shared by JCW.

    This vitaminized version of the "6 ports"English is also theauto more powerful area of Home. His 2.0, in fact, after the restyling it becomes biturbo, and capable of delivering well 306 CV e 450 Nm of torque, and is mated to an 8-speed Aisin automatic transmission.
    It is the same engine as the BMW M135i, and allows Clubman John Cooper Works to achieve i 250 km/h and speed up from 0 to 100 in 4.9 seconds, thus making it the MINI faster never produced.

    On this Clubman, however, they do theirs great return i diesel engines, all taken from BMW production.
    In fact, we find the One D, equipped with a 1.5 three-cylinder diesel from 116 hp, la cooper D, equipped with a 2.0 4 cylinders of 150 CV and Cooper SD, equipped with 2.0 biturbodiesel da 190 CV.
    They are three excellent engines, and above all the two 4 cylinders are capable of giving great performance us you consume a lot bassi.
    MINI Cooper D, S e SD are also available with All4 all-wheel drive and with automatic change a 8 marches.

    The guide: much more mature and less naughty

    At the wheel, the Clubman it is a car definitely different compared to the ones we have seen so far.
    It is in fact the model most voted at comfort of the entire MINI range, especially on the non-S versions.

    The structure tends to be soft, much more prone to roll than their younger sisters.
    Also the steering it's more demoltiplicato, More light e less accurate, so you can better indulge one guide more Quiet.
    In this direction also goes the greater care reserved forsoundproofing, which here reaches a excellent level, aligned with the best premium competition.

    But beware: these words do not mean that it is no longer fun and pleasant to drive.
    Clubman is one MINI for more people mature, who need a comfortable car and pleasant da to drive everyday, but that DON'T they want alight a compromise regarding the comfort.
    Versions too sports, how long communication e funny da to drive, they don't have thatimmediacy in answers And that go-kart feeling exasperated of the little ones.
    The latter are aimed at the public interested in Golf GTI, Mercedes A35 AMG or Audi S3: fast and fun cars, but comfortable and capable of supporting everyday use.

    Which MINI to choose: the Clubman 

    The Clubman is a object particolare, a car that aesthetically does not belong to a specific category.
    For content and capacity, however, the small SW made in Oxford is capable of rivaling on equal terms with the compact cars such as Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes Class A and even with the same BMW Serie 1, which today is how ever more similar to her.

    For its target of auto daily, we recommend aiming for intermediate versions, considering the petrol One only if you intend to use the car exclusively in the city.
    For those who make many km (20+) we definitely recommend one of the two 2.0 turbo diesel.
    Le Cooper D and SD, in fact, for those who often travel on highways or state roads, they are one choice perfect, which combines low fuel consumption (in the order of 17/18 km / l for both) with respectable performance, and ever-present driving fun.

    MINI Clubman

    For MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • Plenty of space
    • Unique and iconic style
    • Comfortable and still fun to drive ...
    Cons MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • ... even if less communicative and direct
    • Double tailgate that forces you to compromise

    Recommended for: those who want a beautiful and particular daily car, those who have always loved MINIs but need space, those who like to stand out even with their everyday car

    PRICES: starting from 23.900 euros

    MINI Countryman: the most versatile and spacious MINI

    We have reached the end of our journey through the MINI world, and we close, it is appropriate to say, with pop.
    The last MINI that we are going to analyze together, in fact, is the Countryman.

    Since its debut in the 2011, the Countryman sold hundreds di thousand di specimens around the world, becoming one of the MINI more love Also in Italy.
    In its latest incarnation, born in 2017, the crossover of the English House is proposed as the MINI fits also at families.

    Aesthetics: one of the nicest crossovers 

    The MINI Countryman has always been liked a lot because in its be un Crossovers manages to stay indisputably MINI.
    Long 4,30 m, long 1,82 is tall " " 1 meter and 55, and the MINI more big di always, the true “Maxi MINI” of the range.

    In fact, the front with the two large headlights and the central chrome grille makes the front absolutely recognizable. Even the perfectly horizontal roof and floating, i straight uprights and back with large vertical rear lights betray il DNA MINI, perfectly incorporated in aaesthetics young, modern and very successful like that of the crossover.

    La Countryman, However, suffers more than all the other MINIs the presence or less than a nice set up.
    If a MINI 3-door base, in fact, esthetically remains very pleasant, a Countryman basis loses much of his charm.

    Interior: same shape and quality as the Clubman 

    The MINI Countryman resumes up close, the interiors of the other “Maxi MINI”, the Clubman.
    La dashboard in fact it is practically unchanged, As well as coatings and the seats.
    Talking about it sedili, MINI since the 80s have stood out for selleria really sought it's almost unpublished in its segment.

    The Countryman does not exception in this, indeed.
    By choosing, in fact, i sedili in Chester leather, you have access to seats of quality high, embellished with stitching of great level and cadenini a contrast.

    Another one treat you can have it like optional within the Countryman.
    In trunkin fact, it is possible to mount a 120 € a small padded bench removable located under the load compartment, which allows those who want Sit on bordo of the load compartment to have a comfort longer.

    Habitability and space: 5 people are comfortable

    One aspect on which did not shine la previous Countryman was what space available to passengers and luggage.
    The new Countryman, from this point of view, is a decisive one passoavanti compared to the previous generation.
    For driver and front passenger lo space è very similar to the one on the Clubman, with a little' more di space for the forehead it's a position di guide definitely more high, even if on average lower and more relaxed than direct rivals.

    For the rear passengers, instead, the Countryman really reveals itself spacious.
    The sofa in fact is adjustable in 'inclination of the backrests, and also the third place Central DON'T è sacrificed.
    This configuration ensures that the level of comfort for passengers is the MINI more spacious in list, the most suitable to carry out the task di only car family for a not too large family unit.

    The trunk also starts from 450 liters with the rear seats, and is capable of reaching up to 1350 liters with the seats folded down.
    Even the load compartment for space, regularity in the shape and the presence of useful accessories such as hooks or double bottom makes the Countryman the most versatile e practice of the MINI.

    The engines: taken from the Clubman, but there is also a hybrid!

    The range engines "traditional”Of the MINI Countryman is recovery from the "little sister" SW in toto.
    We therefore find the petrol from 102 to 306CV and diesel from 116 to 190CV, with all-wheel drive available on Cooper D, S, SD and John Cooper Works.

    The real difference in the range is another: it is available, in fact, on the Countryman, the only hybrid of the English brand.
    In fact, we are talking about the MINI Countryman Cooper SD All4 Plug-in Hybrid, one of the longest names in the history of the car, which characterizes the plug-in hybrid version of the English crossover.
    The mechanics of this version are taken from the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, and boasts the petrol engine area of cooper (1.5 3-cylinder 136 HP) which moves the front wheels only, coupled to a electric motor da 88 CV placed onaxis back.
    The result is a power combined di 224 CV it's a four-wheel drive "mista", able to to push the over 1800 kg of the English hybrid from 0 to 100 in less than 7 seconds.

    If you want a deeper look at this release, there refer to the road test of the English hybrid made by Fjona a few months ago!

    The guide: among the crossovers, one of the funniest

    Al steering wheel, the Countryman does not betrays he waited for them.
    Certainly, expecting a very rigid set-up and lightning-fast reactions in changes of direction would be unfair, but when you want it amuse, English crossover manages to give beautiful satisfactions.

    It does not reach the driving pleasure levels of some rivals, but it is at the top top of segment for the ability to join one fun driving e addictive with a level of comfort and refinement excellent level.
    The steering is in fact direct and precise for the type of car, e roll e not pitching I'm very accentuated even on the less sporty versions, having a lot of behavior similar to the Clubman.

    What gives the brand a softer-than-normal trim is one great convenience on holes, cobblestones, manholes and all that is in city.
    Even in highway is at ease, despite theaerodynamics isn't exactly in your favor.
    Precisely this important resistance toadvancement, combined with a weight not exactly feather, lead the Countryman to to consume more than expected.
    Il noise inside the passenger compartment is content and travel with so many people and luggage they go away smooth such as'oil.

    Even in light off-road he gets away discreetly, Thanks to a four-wheel drive very well studied.
    Sure, we're not talking about a Suzuki Jimny, but Strade Bianche and "brown"I'm perfectly on his flow.

    Which MINI to choose: the Countryman

    In this case, both for the predisposition to be used with the whole family and for the mass and aerodynamics that are not very low, we feel we can to advise a diesel engine, which with their higher torque will never make you feel you have little thrust.
    As for the engines petrol, if the intended use is purely urban may be for you, but in any other case we feel comfortable to advise le engines a diesel.

    But be careful: if your daily use includes state and highway and then the arrival in the city center can be very interesting Plug-in hybrid version.
    Thanks to 30 / km 40 di real autonomy date from battery da 35 kWh, in fact, it might even be a 'excellent choice for those who should do that daily mileage in mode only power saving in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact from DON'T to neglect.
    Too bad for the price DON'T just bass: starts at around 24 thousand euros, but there are top-of-the-range versions with more powerful engines than yes approach e sometimes they exceed i 50 thousand euros!

    But don't despair: one has been available for a few months particularly tempting version of the MINI Countryman, the Baker street Edition.
    This set-up (available on One and Cooper, both petrol and diesel) is particularly advantageous, as it brings with it a captivating aesthetic preparation (played on the black-white contrast) but above all a large number of options, to a price really interesting.
    Bi-Led headlights, Professional Infotainment, 17 "alloy wheels and dual zone climate are just some of the options included, for a starting price of 23 400 euro for the One, almost 1000 less than the "base"!
    For more discussion thorough, a few months ago Fjona ha tested in detail this Countryman "loaded" with accessories, which I recommend you look at, otherwise lebbots!

    MINI Countryman

    For MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • Spacious and practical, the most suitable for families
    • Enjoyable and engaging driving
    • Quality at high levels
    Cons MINI Cooper, Countryman, Clubman or One: which one to choose?
    • Consumption not very low for mass and aerodynamics
    • High cost
    • A little subdued aesthetics in the less rich versions

    Recommended for: those looking for a 360-degree family car, those who want a particular and recognizable crossover and do not want to give up the pleasure of driving

    Prices: starting from 24.800 euros

    Which MINI to choose: we told you, and you?

    We finite our journey to discover the great ones possibility di to come in in world MINI, starting from small 3 Doors to get to Countryman.
    Le options now I am multiple, capable of to adapt both for those who want a small car for the city and for those who want a car suitable for the family.
    In the over 20 years di management BMW, the brand MINI came to a Assessment maturity, ready to face up to the new challenges proposed byelectrification.

    What about you instead? What do you think? Is there any MINI model you are particularly interested in? Do you already have one of those examined? And how are you? Let us know!

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