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You have read numerous guides and seen several tutorials but you still have doubts and are looking for clearer information on how to subscribe to GPS, that is, from the rankings of teachers used for the assignment of substitutes as of June 30 or August 30. This is a rather delicate procedure, so you were right to want to investigate because a mistake can cost you dearly.

How do you say? Is there so much information that you think the mistake is lurking around the corner anyway? I can't blame you, but you will see that, by reading this guide, everything will become clearer and that, even if it takes a little time, everything will go smoothly: you will find yourself enrolled in the GPS and, when you are called for a replacement, you will not have to fear anything, neither score adjustments nor cancellations or anything else.

All you have to do is get comfortable, pay attention to what I am about to tell you and follow the instructions I will give you step by step: only in this way, the registration will proceed smoothly. Enjoy the reading!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to enroll in the school GPS
    • How to subscribe to second-tier GPS
    • How to subscribe to first-rate GPS

Preliminary information

Let me immediately clarify some aspects of the rankings that perhaps still confuse you. First of all, they were commissioned by the former education minister Lucia Azzolina to speed up the assignment of substitutes by focusing on their automation: as I will explain, in fact, you can register for GPS via the system Online Instances - POLIS c (Online Presentation of the ISTances) which makes everything faster.

GPS works like this: the aspiring alternate enrolls in only one province 2022na; based on score, will reach a certain position and may be hired a fixed term only if you get to call up to that position; for example, if for the competition class A-12 "Literary disciplines in upper secondary education institutions", the province of Foggia necessity of 100 teachers,FSO of Foggia will scroll through the rankings until all 100 places have been assigned and, should you fall within these, the contract will be yours.

Pay attention: if you are one hundred and twenty and the seats are 100, it is not said that you do not have the possibility to teach, on the contrary, it is very likely that the contract is yours; this is because there are so many a refuse the place for the most disparate reasons, for example because they have already accepted a substitute in another class of competition or because they may have problems that prevent them from accepting that post in that seat.

Another clarification: I told you that the GPS are used to assign seats to the August 31th, therefore for the annual substitutes and 30nd June, therefore for the short substitutes. For substitutes at the end of the teaching activity, that is, those that require the alternate to finish working the same day the school closes, it is necessary to resort to Institute rankings, which provide for the choice of a certain number of venues (so, at least, it was done when the GPS were set up and the old system changed) for each competition class. I'll talk about it below, since the locations must be chosen when compiling the GPS.

The GPS are divided into two bands: the first is that of qualified teachers, who have achieved, that is, a specialization degree (The TFA, eg); the second, on the other hand, is that of unauthorized teachers, who, despite having been teaching for a short time or for a long time at school, have not been able, have not wanted to or have not been able to qualify. In both cases, however, we speak of precarious and fixed-term positions.

But how do you climb the rankings? In two ways: with i titles and with the service and the scores generally change from one opening to another, although it is easy to understand what the Ministry is aiming at. I'll give you an example: in the old third band (what later became the second band in GPS), the masters were worth 3 points; in the second of the two-year period 2022-2022, instead, 1. This makes you understand that, although the score was drastically decreased, the master was still considered a useful title to improve one's position.

The sum of the score of the qualifications and the score of the services is not the only element that is taken into consideration for the assignment of the replacement, although it is the most important: let's say, for example, that you had the same score as a another candidate alternate; well, between you two the younger one could be chosen. I say could because I can't give you any assurance about the decisions that will be made at each round.

The scores of the first band are different from those of the second band; following this link to the Ministry website you can find the section Regulation, in which, among the many documents, those relating to the evaluation of qualifications for each school grade and for each band are published.

Anyway, I'll give you an example to try to make everything even clearer, based on the 2022-2022 GPS score tables: aspirant X wants to enroll in the second band of GPS and has achieved 1 master's degree with 110 cum laude (33 points), 1 PhD (12 points), 1 master (1 point), 2 IT certifications (1 point), 2 certifications relating to different languages 鈥嬧媋t level B2 (6 points), 1 certification for teaching 2022 no to foreigners (3 points). He also taught for 2 years in the competition class A-12 (24/12 points). The total of titles is 56 points, the total of the service is 24 o 12 depending on the ranking in which you want to enter. I'll explain immediately what I mean.

If with your degree you can also teach on A-22 but in two years you have only taught on A-12, you will be fully charged for service points only on the latter; on the other competition class, on the other hand, half of the score will be loaded, therefore, in this case, 6 points for each year for a total of 12. You will therefore find yourself with 80 points in the ranking A-12 (56 + 24) and with 68 in the ranking A-22 (56 + 12).

Clearly, each one has made his own path and has achieved certain qualifications: therefore, with this single example, the issues relating to the calculation of the score cannot be dismissed. But it certainly allowed you to understand how the procedure works. If you want to know more, I advise you not only to read the official documents that I have linked to you, but also to contact trustworthy people who know the subject thoroughly and that they can direct you without you losing even a point for distraction or other reasons. Now let's see the registration procedure in detail.

How to enroll in the school GPS

Before explaining in detail how to enroll in the school GPS, I want to remind you that the procedure is completely online and that in no case you will have to go to schools: the objective of the Provincial Rankings, in fact, is precisely to eliminate bureaucratic delays and guarantee the assignment of substitutes in a shorter time than in the past.

What exactly do you need to do? You need to connect to the Polis Online Instances system and carefully follow what I am about to tell you. Obviously, since you have to declare the titles and document the service, I recommend that you keep everything you need for data entry at hand when the time comes.

How to subscribe to second-tier GPS

The information you are about to read about how to subscribe to second-tier GPS they should guide you step by step in the procedure, but, if you still have problems and doubts, I reiterate the advice to contact a subject matter expert: the case history is vast and not all problems can be solved by consulting a guide. Considering that GPS are essential for your working life, even if you can still use them at a later time MAD, that is the Made Available, it is better to waste some time for clarification, than not to lose at least two years of job opportunities (the first GPS, in fact, lasted biennial).

Having said this, let's get to the preliminary phase:

  • Make sure you have the right degree and the necessary credits required by the competition class you want to access (and with these I am not referring only to those relating to the subjects but also to those relating to the area anthropo-psycho-pedagogical and educational technologies, the so-called 24 credits);
  • Read the qualification and service rating tables both to understand which documents to have at hand, and to get an idea of 鈥嬧媡he score you could achieve; you should do the count at the end, but it is better to repeat it several times to avoid making mistakes;
  • Get the credentials to access the Polis Online Instances service; if you have forgotten them, do not worry, because now you can access the services of the Public Administration using the SPID (in this guide I'll explain step by step how to activate it).

After the preliminary phase, you will first have to access the service, for example by clicking on the ENTER INSTANCE button that you find on the page prepared by the Ministry of Education on the rankings. Here, the procedure is explained to you, what it is for, and numerous other details are provided that you might want to read; scroll down the page and click on Next button to get to the heart of the procedure.

First of all, you will be asked to choose the province where you want to teach and I remind you that you can choose just one, not more. Click the Next button to access a page summarizing yours personal data; then, again on the Next button to confirm that they are correct. At this point, you will find yourself in the page that, with its various sections, reproduces the model of the application, the compilation of which was done by hand before the establishment of the GPS.

The first section, Choice of rankings of interest, bracket and admission qualifications, allows you to choose between the various school grades and between the first and second bands: alongside, you will find the Actions available button; click on it, then click on Insert item to be taken to a page where you have to make the choice I told you about. The options are different, therefore, I advise you to carefully consult the ministerial documentation that I indicated above.

Once the choice is made, a drop down menu, whose header is Type of place / Class of competition and in which you will have to communicate for which class of competition you intend to apply for inclusion. Immediately after, the section will appear A.1 - Access qualifications to the ranking and relative score, in which you will have to enter the data relating to the access title (pay attention to the date, To name anduniversity that issued the degree). At the end of it all, click on the Insert button to return to the initial screen with the various sections.

In section B, Additional qualifications with respect to the admission ticket, you must declare all the qualifications you have achieved before the deadline of the call: these are the qualifications you have read in the evaluation tables and which are classified according to the type of course taken and the skills acquired. Always click on Actions available button, then on Insert item, to find yourself in the section in which to declare the qualifications obtained.

At this point, you will see that each title has its own section: for example, in the TABB8-B2 you can enter i Academic, professional and cultural qualifications - Bachelor's degree, specialist degree, master's degree, old system academic diploma or second level academic diploma, additional to the qualification referred to in point A.1 and which does not constitute a qualification for access to the qualification or qualification referred to in point A.1. Always click on Actions available button, then on ADD button that appears in the new screen and declares the title (you can enter, for example, the data relating to a second degree). Once the procedure is finished, all you have to do is click on Insert button and return to the home screen.

Now, you have to fill in the third section, the one relating to Service titles. Always click the Actions available button, then on Login item, and, in the screen that opens, you will find two sections, Services present in the file e Services entered by the aspirant. If you have already worked, in the first section you should see one or more lines relating to the periods in which you worked. Next to that line is the green button Import into question, which allows you to automatically enter all data.

It may happen, however, that in the dossier of the teaching and educational staff a period in which you taught has not been recorded and that you need to declare. The section that allows you to enter data is the second, the one relating to Services entered by the aspirant, in which you will be the one to fill in the various fields with the missing information. At the bottom left you will find the Add Service Titles button and a screen will appear in which you will have to enter all the data relating to the service to be entered; filled in all the fields, click on Insert button to declare what you need.

The section Reserve securities is the fourth and allows you to enter titles which, indicated in the GPS documentation, allow you to communicate particular situations, for example if you are war invalids, invalid civilians of war etc. The compilation is almost identical to that of the other sections: always click on Actions available button, then select the Insert item and, in the screen that opens, fill in the fields on your personal situation.

I titles of preference they must be declared in the fifth section and concern further special cases, which are always indicated in the documents provided by the ministry. Click on the button Available actions, then on Insert item and, in the screen that opens, you have to declare being, date e deed number related to the title of preference you intend to declare (for example, if you have been awarded with a medal for military valor, moves the cursor to the beginning of the page that opens and, in correspondence with the section, to the number 1, enter the data in your possession). At the end of everything, click on Insert button that you find at the end of the page.

We can say that the GPS procedure is almost completed because you are only missing the section Other statements, in which you have to declare everything that is usually declared in an open competition: in some cases you simply have to put a checkmark Related to mandatory declarations, for example to those on privacy; in others, you need to choose the option that's right for you from a list of possibilities (at first, for example, you need to provide information about the citizenship). Once you have made the appropriate choices, click on Insert button at the end of the page.

The next section, which collects information on locations of the school rankings of which I told you previously, it is not about the GPS but you still have to fill it in now because, in this way, with a single question, the Ministry makes sure that it has all the data it needs. Be very careful: if you do not declare the locations now, you will no longer be able to do so and you will lose the opportunity to teach through the GI for the entire duration of the rankings.

Although the section concerns other rankings and not GPS, allow me to summarize what the procedure consists of: in the appropriate screen, you simply have to choose 30 locations for each ranking; it is precisely from these schools that you will be called to take over, in case you should not be able to sign a contract via the GPS. The list of schools is provided by the government service Free School, although, in the screen that opens after clicking on the Actions available button Insert item, you can quickly select schools from a drop down menu. You choose how to proceed, but know that nothing changes.

We come to the last section, Attachments, which, in reality, is only used for certain documents and not for what you have already declared: I remind you, in fact, that the application is a self-certification and that the control of the qualifications will only take place at a later time by the school in which you will be called to teach. You can only attach one file of type . Pdf o .zip with a maximum size of 2MB.

In the file to be created you have to insert only the eventual qualification obtained abroad declaration of value of the qualification obtained abroad to teach conversation in a foreign language, or the documentation relating to any services provided in the countries of the European Union or in third countries; all other qualifications must not be declared in any way.

The procedure is the same: click on the button Available actions, then on Insert item, and, in the screen that opens, on the button Choose file; from the menu that appears, choose the file you want to upload and click on Open button. Repeat the same procedure for all the documents to be declared, then click on Insert button to finish the operations relating to the Attachments section.

Now, on the main page where the various sections are present, click on Submit button to send the application to the Ministry. A screen will appear where you can also view the PDF of the question by clicking on View PDF. I remind you that you can change the question before the deadline, starting from the home page of the service: click on item Go to compilation, then on Cancel Submit button. At this point, all the data you have entered will not be deleted but you can modify them and forward everything again following the procedure I explained to you a little while ago. Your GPS subscription is complete.

How to subscribe to first-rate GPS

How? You are a licensed teacher and you want to have information on how to subscribe to first-rate GPS? The procedure does not differ in anything from what I have explained to you so far; clearly, at the very beginning, that is, when you have to choose which category to apply for, you have to select the option relating to first-tier ranking the type of school you can teach at.

The qualification in this case is not a simple degree but one that certifies yours teaching qualification, for example the achievement of the Active Training Internship. Everything else, titles and services, can be entered in the same way, even if the calculation of the score, as per the ministerial documentation I indicated earlier, is quite different, so be careful.

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